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May 18, 2016

Dance Custom Calendar / Competition Calendar Printing

keatas-dance_cover.png“Dance is not a Competition, It’s a Passion” is the motto for Keata’s Performing Arts Studio, which is why they used it on the front cover of their fundraising calendar. I liked this concept and the design of the calendar so I called and spoke with Administrative Assistant, Cee-Cee Stallings to learn more.

keatas-dance_open-01.pngThey were looking for fundraising ideas when Cee-Cee’s daughter suggested they try a fundraising calendar. The group really liked this idea so they started to do research into calendar printing. Searching on Google they found us and liked that we offered multiple calendar templates as well as competitive pricing. They also liked that we are a full service printing company and we can print their other products like brochures and recital programs.

Time was a critical factor in the production of these calendars. Since they hadn’t been working on the project for very long they didn’t have a pool of pictures to choose from. They decided to have a photoshoot featuring dancers from their competitive dance class. Even though it was winter they went to a local park and took all of the pictures for the calendar. Then, Cee-Cee’s husband edited the images to make it look like they had been taken at different places and different times to provide variety in the calendar.

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keatas-dance_open-04.pngSince this is a fundraising calendar they wanted to see if they could get local businesses to sponsor them. Due to the time constraint they were under they eventually decided not to include any advertisements. 

They are planning on producing another calendar this year and have learned a lot from their first calendar printing experience. They plan to allot more time to this project, giving them more opportunity to get sponsors and more pictures to use in the calendar. Cee-Cee’s advice for someone considering a calendar project like this is to “do your research." Putting together a fundraising calendar can be a fun experience but it can also be time-consuming. There are a lot of things that can factor into printing so it’s important to understand what you are getting into.

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keatas-dance_open-06.pngCee-Cee said that they sold the calendars at one of their shows and people loved them. Selling the calendars for $15 a piece they nearly sold out the first night. Even now, months afterwards they still continue to have people asking for them. Since they have already received requests for a 2017 calendar they plan to start their project early this year to ensure they have enough time for everything they want to do. They also have people asking if they plan to print another calendar for the upcoming year. They also want to print another calendar because the girls who got to be in the calendar loved the experience and had a ton of fun. When they start to work on the 2017 calendar they hope to include more dancers from the studio so more of them get to share the experience.

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Cee-Cee said, “[We] loved the finished product and are looking forward to doing more”. For this performing arts studio the end result was worth the work. Even if there were things about the project that they would have done differently it gave them the opportunity to learn more about calendar printing and raise money for their organization.

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