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May 10, 2016

West Main Studios Produces Several Programs, Learn Why They Use Our Online Design Tool

Beverly Smith, co-owner of West Main Studios prints several dance recital programs throughout the year. They use our online design tool and the design always turns out looking very professional, polished and fun, so I called her to talk more about these programs.


The program starts with a brief welcome message and listing of the songs in each Act of the recital. The pages that follow show a group photo of the dancers who participate in each song. For example, the first song in the lineup is “Opening Number – Christmas Serajevo”, there are several dancers participating in this song and they are featured in the image accompanying the song title. Many dance programs are designed in this style.


Since Beverly prints several programs with different page counts and sizes the prices that she charges for the program and the ads vary in cost. A program like this she might sell for $10-$12. The ads cost around:

  • $85 Whole Page
  • $70 Half Page
  • $50 Quarter Page.

This helps pay for the program printing as well as some additional expenses for the recital itself.

Beverly designs these programs using our free online design tool because it is quick and easy for her. She can add pages, clipart, backgrounds and borders to her images. This combined with the professional photography really makes this program look stunning. She often gets compliments on the print quality of the programs. Dancers and their family will often keep a copy as a keepsake of the event.


Printing a dance recital program for your event can help pull an event together. The program provides them with valuable information about the recital and what to expect. It gives them a keepsake to treasure for future years and it shows that you care enough about your event to produce a beautiful quality product. Printing a dance recital program will enhance your credibility and help make your event memorable!

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