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April 14, 2016

Using A Booklet To Re-Connect With Previous Clients: Tim Kelly Case Study

Tim Kelly is a master photographer who specializes in creating timeless portraits. He owns Tim Kelly Portrait Studio and had been looking for a way to re-engage with some of his previous clients. After some thought and consideration, he decided to put together a client media kit which would include a brochure listing his photography services. A project such as Tim’s is commonly referred to as a brochure but we can also call it a booklet because it has multiple pages and a saddle-stitched binding.


Tim started the booklet-brochure project with his branding in mind. Tim wanted his clients to see the front cover and immediately recognize the studio’s signature style. When you look through the book you can see that Tim uses rich muted tones and elegant fonts to help create this “look”.  He also uses a mix of black & white and color photography to demonstrate the variety of work he is capable of.

One thing that really stood out to me was a lack of pricing. It can be hard to predict a pricing change in your organization. Tim realized that if he changed his pricing he would have to have the booklets re-printed. Since he ordered a fairly large quantity and plans to use them for the next several years, re-printing his booklets was not an option. His solution is insert sheets. These are printed in small batches and added to the booklets before they are mailed out. 

Mailing Services

This project was a success for Tim. He mailed these booklets out to a list of people he hadn’t heard from in a while and he received many responses. For his next project Tim plans to create a series of smaller booklets that talk about specific services that he offers. For example, one of these booklets may focus entirely on their Family & Relationship portrait services. A full length booklet that lists all of your services is a great way to engage people who aren’t certain about what product or service they want. It gives them the opportunity to see everything that you offer. A smaller more specific booklet is also useful. A larger booklet might have too many options or too much information. If your client is only looking for a specific service, it’s good to provide them with that specific information in one concise location.

Promoting Your Business With Online Printing


Tim had originally planned on printing this project with another company but he had difficulty communicating with them. After some further research online he found us and decided to give us a try. When he called he was immediately connected to a live person. That was the kind of customer service that he was looking for. He decided to print with us and couldn’t be happier with the results. His booklet-brochure cover and inside pages were all printed on our 100# gloss text.

Tim Kelly designed and printed a booklet-brochure that he used to market to clients that he hadn’t heard from in a while. He designed the booklet with his branding and style in mind. It has a timeless elegance and he plans to use it for many years to come. How can you use a booklet to re-connect with your clients?

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