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Kara Mayernik
April 28, 2021

Printing Marketing Materials for Trade Shows and Conventions 2021

Printing Marketing Materials for Trade Shows & Conventions

Last year we have seen the event industry take a massive hit. The once booming industry is now almost non-existent due to COVID-19.

In the world of conventions and trade shows, you will have to plan even more than usual. Promoting your upcoming trade show or convention should be a top priority. And during the event, your booth and marketing pieces can be a home run if executed properly.

First things first is to plan ahead. Preparation should begin at least two to three months in advance – do not just show up and hope for the best. Also, you will want to be sure you have time to review and proof your printed materials at least a month before the day of the event to guarantee there are no errors and that your materials are exactly what you ordered. Now the question arises, exactly what print materials are necessary for you to have ready?

Below are some suggestions of what would be ideal to bring to your next exhibit.



It's almost impossible to share all the information you want about your business during a quick conversation at your booth. That's where booklets come in handy. An easy to read, well-designed printed booklet will have any additional information that you want your visitors to know. 

Event Programs

Event programs are an extremely practical tool for informing guests with essential details of your gathering. Your programs should contain information that attendees need to know in order to keep your event running fluently. An introduction, printed schedule and description of events including order of activities and duration should be included in your printed program. 


Is your business offering products that you need to showcase?  A catalog would be a perfect way to put those into a single handbook while serving as gifts for your guests that reflect your brand. Print your catalogs in vibrant full color on premium gloss or matte paper. Saddle stitch and perfect bound are the most popular binding options for catalog.

We offer the highest quality custom booklet marketing materials. Our printing and binding services include Saddle Stitch, Perfect Binding, Spiral Binding, and Wire-O Binding. 



By sending out postcards prior to your event (basically like an invitation) showing the details of the event, and any other important information necessary to inform and excite the reader. They also act as a good branding piece. Not to mention full color postcard printing is affordable, fast and easy!

At PrintingCenterUSA we offer several sizes and paper options. Our most popular size being

4” x 6” (Portrait or Landscape Orientation) on 14 PT Gloss Cover paper stock, (4/4) Color on both sides.


PrintingCenterUSA Postcard Templates



Business Cards

These are the perfect way to create contact with your community. You might want to consider having some generic ones on hand with just company information and no employee names. This helps if someone on your team runs out of their personal stash.

Your best option here is the standard business card size (3.5” x 2") on 14 PT. Gloss Cover paper stock, ink color at (4/0) Color front/empty back. Add UV Coating to both sides to help make your cards more durable.


PrintingCenterUSA Business Cards Templates



Business Brochures

It's almost impossible to share all the information you want about your business during a quick conversation at your booth. Printed brochures are used for a variety of reasons. They are a great way to put your essential company information in a small, easy-to-read document. The brochures should reflect the knowledge of your trade show or convention team. They should also have information to answer questions your booth visitors might ask. For instance, if you’re announcing a new product or offering of a new service, add a page or section to cover this product or service. It would be a good idea to start your brochure off with this feature so your visitors realize this and may want to see a demo or find out why it is useful.

Sizes:Types of Folding Brochures that PrintingCenterUSA Offers

8.5 x 11 (Trifold)

11 x 17 (Double Parallel)

11 x 25.5 (Trifold)


Keep in mind...To make your brochure printing experience fast and easy, we offer brochure printing and mailing with free online design resources.



PrintingCenterUSA is rated #1 rated for fast, easy, low-cost online brochure printing services. The most popular type is a single page brochure (11” x 8.5”), on 100# Gloss Text paper stock, (4/4) Color on both sides.


Click Here to Request a Custom Quote



  Make a statement with a bold headlineSell Sheets

This is a one-page advertisement of your brand, service, or product. These are vital marketing tools as they give a visual aide that can complement your businesses’ sales pitch in a short and sweet manner. As an affordable and effective marketing piece, this will definitely help your brand or product stand out, and also serves as a conversation starter. If you want to know how to set up or download a free template to make sure you get all the required specs. 


Download FREE Sell Sheet Templates



SignageExample Poster Mockup

Attracting visitors to your booth will solely rely on your booth’s appearance and ability to capture their attention by the design. High-quality pictures and/or graphics are crucial for printing posters to avoid blurry or pixelated pictures along with clear and coherent type (font) for legibility.

Sizes to print in:

11 x 17

12 x 18

16 x 20

17 x 22

18 x 24

Most popular paper types for posters is 100# Gloss or Matte Text and 80# Gloss or Matte Cover

Remember...posters make a positive high impact, long lasting impression and gets your message across in seconds with eye-popping color.

TIP: For high quality picture quality on your printed signage, you will want your images to have at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). The more dot’s the higher the quality (more sharpness and detail) of the print.

Our FREE online poster templates can help you get the files you need with proper formatting we need for printing.


Whatever type of printed sales material you bring with you, make sure it POPS. It needs to deliver its main purposes of catching the eye of attendees by engaging individuals into your circle of impact. Here’s some tips on how to achieve consistency:

  • Too much imagery is a no-no. Pictures and logo should complement the design, not dominate it.
  • Easy to read and absorb. Keep it simple, entice the reader. Make them curious enough to want to know more.
  • Use full color. Your prospects will likely think you’re cheap if you use only black and white.
  • Mix up font sizes and styles. No need to go crazy here but headlines and sub-headlines should be of different sizes. Body copy of your brochure, sell sheet, etc. should be distinct and of a legible size (usually no smaller than 10 pt.)

Another tip to consider is paper. The type of paper you choose can impact the view of your company. It would be wise to print materials well and with quality, so they convey what you want and put your businesses’ best face forward. If you’re unsure of which type of paper suits your project best, refer to our blog post about choosing the perfect paper. 


Now after determining what you will need, the next step is choosing where you are getting your print materials printed. Why not choose the #1 Rated Printing Company for your printing needs? Our single location means we have access to getting you the lowest price because we don’t overcharge you for operating costs.


Contact Us Today for All Your Marketing Printed Materials

Visit our website or call us at 800-995-1555 for a custom quote. We also have online design tools and FREE templates to help you get started! 


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