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Matt Fey
November 06, 2019

Pet Photography: A Calendar Case Study For A Cause


Pet Photography Calendar At PrintingCenterUSA we print a lot of calendars.  And we print a ton of pet photography calendars as well and they are all very well done.  One of these pet photography calendars was exceptionally well done and caught my eye 😉.  So I spoke with the creator, professional pet photographer Adam Goldberg, and found out that this calendar had a much deeper purpose than to make us smile every month.  Turns out Adam has an amazing cause to help shelter pets get adopted.  


AGoldPhoto Pet Photography is Born

Adam originally was a marketing director working for a software company with no experience in professional photography.  He worked part-time helping the shelter with their website and social media teaching himself photography while on the job.

pet photo

Photo by AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

He was asked to re-vamp the pet photo shoot program at the shelter and was doing pet photo shoots part-time for charity not long after that on the weekends.  The idea of these pet photo shoots was to “bring out the personality” of each pet in the photos so that they were more likely to get adopted. In mid-2017 he decided to take on pet photography full-time after spending countless hours watching and practicing taking photos of shelter animals.  


I fell in love with shelter pets and taking better photos of them to increase their chances of adoption. After working with shelter animals, I saw first-hand how amazing they were and would get upset when friends and family didn’t look to adopting a dog first,” Adam said in the interview.


And so he set out to create more awareness about pet adoption and AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was born.  


PDF File Checklist
The Mission

After meeting his wife at the local shelter, on a guinea pig photo shoot, Adam and his wife have since set out traveling the country hosting Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers for various animal shelters and charities.  They host many of these events at local breweries where pet owners can book a time slot to have their pet’s photo taken.  


But how do you get the dogs to do what they do in these photos!?  “Taking photos of dogs requires lots of patience practice and...many many treats. We also keep a calm, cool and quiet demeanor in our studio. Dogs are very perceptive and will feed off of negative or anxious energy. We always want them to enjoy their photo shoot and we don’t force a dog to have their photo taken,” Adam said.

Calendar_SideEye_02Calendar Created by AGoldPhoto Pet Photography


These photo shoots are what help keep the mission alive.  Adam and Mary then donate a large portion of the sitting fee to the local shelters and charities.  Since 2016 they have raised over $150,000 for animal shelters and charities with pet photo shoot fundraisers.


The Calendars

Adam decided to help offset his company’s traveling costs this year by producing two one of a kind calendars for purchase on his site. 

Each calendar is an 8.5x11” saddle-stitch masterpiece of some of the dogs AGoldPhoto has worked with. The calendars respectfully named, “Side Eye Dogs” and “Treat Catching Dogs,” are showcases of his extraordinary talent getting these dogs to display their personalities. 



Side Eye Dogs and Treat Catching Dogs 


Taking one look at these fun calendars it’s easy to see why Adam left his office job to pursue this cause across the United States he’s so passionate about.  The calendars are a great way to promote animals that often are seen in such a negative light. Every month you flip, you’re greeted with a new furry friend that might just have a better chance of getting adopted because of what AGoldPhoto is doing!

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