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Ocean View Football Programs: Case Study

Mon, Jun 12, 2017 @ 04:59 PM Emily Hendrickson 0

OceanView-Mockup-Inside1.pngJeff Meyer, an amateur photographer with two sons participating in their high school’s football program, was volunteered by his wife when she found out they needed a new photographer and designer for the football program. Surprised to be chosen, but excited to help, Jeff started researching what he would need to put the programs together.

The Design

Ocean View's football program printing 2016Jeff initially wanted to use an online design tool to put the program together and the tool we have on our website caught his attention. While we do have a free online design tool and free design templates to help you get started, our customers are not required to use them. Jeff was already using Adobe Photoshop to edit his images and after testing several online design tools, he determined that they didn’t have as much flexibility as Photoshop. Since we do accept custom made files he ended up using Photoshop to design the program. 

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The Final Product

When designing the program, Jeff included several things that made the program look very professional. He included vital elements such as the upcoming game schedule, a welcome message, team and individual player photos, advertisements from local businesses and the school song. Personally, my favorite pages in the football program are the “Football 101” pages, which showed images of what the referee hand signals mean. Since they are a smaller school and don’t have a loudspeaker in their stadium, these pages help parents and fans understand what is happening on the field (which is definitely a plus if they are like me and don’t know a thing about football).  "Football 101" football program printing pages

Choosing the Print Shop

case-study_final---.pngOne of the biggest concerns small schools typically have when purchasing sports programs is the price. The reason they decided to order with PrintingCenterUSA is that we have the lowest price for what they were producing. They may not make much of a profit from selling their sports programs for only $6, but they continue to produce the programs for two main reasons. The first is that the fans like the quality and the information that the program provides. The second (and in my opinion more important reason) is that the programs serve as a memory book for the students. Since there are often several pages dedicated to the seniors, it serves as a keepsake of their high school days.

Tips & Advice

Inside football program pages with coaches and team photoBefore you start designing your program, Jeff advises having a written plan for the photography schedule. He said that as an amateur photographer, he had to learn a lot on his own and the biggest thing that made a difference was having a game plan. He plans the order that the photos will be taken (for example, group photos first, then individual pictures, then coach pictures last). He also brings helpers along who help get people organized during the photoshoot. He said that high schoolers get bored quickly, so it’s important to keep them engaged.

Sports Program Design Tips

With a written plan and some Photoshop skills, you too can create a professional program for your next sporting event. Be sure to include important information that the fans care about, and highlight the students. After all, we know that high school doesn’t last forever and a keepsake like this will be cherished for years to come.

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Emily Hendrickson

Emily Hendrickson

Emily Hendrickson has worked at PrintingCenterUSA in a variety of positions and most currently in account services. She has an extensive knowledge of the printing industry and enjoys helping customers with their projects and questions. She writes many case studies on client experiences and advice columns that explore a variety of subject material, such as choosing the right product and paper for a print project. Outside of work, Emily likes to relax by reading fiction and playing video games.