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May 24, 2017

4 Ways to Have an Impact with Rack Card Printing


Rack card printing a central marketing piece for many industries. The right rack card will put quality information in the hands of your customers and will dramatically increase your direct marketing effectiveness. Do you want to increase your response rates? Try these tips to maximize your message potential!

 -1- Create an Eye-Catching Design

rack-card_pretty-cover_255x400.pngThe front cover’s image greatly impacts your response rates. Your rack cards need to grab your customers’ attention and direct them to your door or website.  Quality full-color rack card printing helps you stand out against the sea of other advertisements. Clean, crisp, and clear images help you to make a professional first impression.

Ideas & Examples 

-2- Market Your Brand

Consistently and repetitively using your brand’s visual images and colors helps you raise brand awareness. By using your logo, brand colors and tagline, people can better identify your business.  If you're not sure where to start, we have an online design tool that has many different templates for you to choose from.

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-3- Pinpoint Your Marketing

rack-card_target-market_600x400.jpgFocus on your target audience and select images and content based on their interests. By hand selecting images, you attract a specific group of people. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customers – what would they want to see? Where do they go? What do they do for fun?

-4- Include the Essential Details

nonprofit-rackcard_255x400.pngBe sure to include the main selling point, discount offers, your location, contact information, and website so your customers know how to reach you. Give accurate and easy to follow directions and if you use a map, make sure it’s easy to read and follow for people that do not know your city. Lastly, be sure to check for any spelling errors so you don’t look unprofessional!

Maximizing Your Rack Card Success

Find appropriate places to distribute your cards. Display them at your business and ask local businesses, vendors, and businesses that you don’t compete if you can leave a stack in their lobbies.

Now that you know what steps to take to ensure you have the greatest rack card printing success, go online now and get started! We have many tools for you to use, including an online design tool and free templates, or call us at 800.995.1555 to order today.

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