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April 28, 2016

Booklet Printing Assists Fundraising Campaign

The Aspire 2018 booklet recently caught my eye with the striking cover image of a ballerina. At first glance I thought the booklet was for a dance recital, but when I opened it to read through the pages I learned that it was actually a campaign brochure. Intrigued, I emailed Kim Tuttle, the executive artistic director for the organization to learn more.


The fundraising committee for the company decided they were going to put together a five-year plan for the organization. Part of this five-year plan was a three-year fundraising campaign. They had two main goals. The first goal was to increase their number of corporate sponsors. This would help provide supplemental income for their expenses. Their second goal was to “elevate people’s perceptions of the quality of the company, and for the word to spread that this is an organization to be watched.” – Kim Tuttle

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One important aspect of the design of this booklet was the “look”. It had to be high-end and professional to give potential investors the right impression. To help achieve this look they hired a professional graphic designer. The graphic designer used a very pretty golden brown color on the cover for the title of the book and then carried that color throughout the design. On the inside pages you see this same color in the header bars and on the text which really helps those headings stand out. It also makes for an easier reading experience, flipping from page to page. Everything is very coordinated and professional looking.

The content of the brochure is important as well. It starts with a letter to the community and talks about their history and goals for the company. It then progresses into a more detailed history of who the Dance Alive National Ballet is and it lists many of their accomplishments.

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201393_dance_alive_booklet_pages.pngThe booklet shows how the arts can provide jobs and create tourism in their area. One thing I really liked about this section was that they applied this information directly to their community. The studies and reports that they cite were studies done in their area. This really shows how contributing to their organization supports the community. And finally, it talks specifically about their community involvement. They included a page dedicated to showing how they reach out and influence their community. Not only are they having an indirect impact on their community by increasing jobs and tourism but they have a direct impact by working directly with the people, youth and elders, around them.

Finally, I wanted to know how this brochure impacted their campaign and if it was a success. Kim replied, “This booklet has definitely raised the awareness of major corporations. When you have a tasteful and well put together booklet with strong content and excellent photos and good graphics, then perception of people is that the organization is high quality with a high quality product. This is a great marketing tool.”

A printed booklet can have a big impact on your next presentation. It sends the message that you are serious about your campaign. It will also give your potential investors something to hold on to. If they have any questions they can refer back to it after the presentation. A booklet can be a fantastic way to help increase awareness about your product, business or service.

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