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May 03, 2016

Advice, Tips, and Suggestions for Pageant Program Printing

We printed some beautiful color pageant programs recently for the Miss Georgia United States Pageant and I liked the design. I called Amy Brady, the Director of the Organization, to learn more.


This is Amy’s first year as director and getting a program designed and printed for the event became one of her first projects. The pageant organizers in previous years had not printed a physical program. When Amy won the Miss Georgia title in 2014 that was something that she felt was lacking. Amy felt that having a program helps enhance the experience of the pageant. A pageant program gives audience members something to look at and hold onto. As it contains a printed itinerary, it helps keep everyone on schedule. Contestants will often keep a copy as a memento to remember the event by.

While she had her contact at Pageant Design Solutions put together the stunning front cover, she did a lot of the design work herself. It was important to her that the booklet have a well-defined structure. 210408_miss_georgia_pages.pngThe beginning pages have the schedule of events (decorated with stars and stripes), biography information about the judges and a letter from the director. It then transitions into the contestant pages, starting with pictures and a short biography about the previous year winner, Jenna Jackson. The contestant pages list all contestants participating in the event. The pages immediately after the contestant pages are the contestant ads. If a contestant or their family had purchased an ad space they could include a special message or words of encouragement for the contestant. The last pages of the booklet are filled with advertisements from businesses that were interested in supporting the pageant.

When setting up the pricing for advertisements Amy offered several sizes at different prices but the full page ad was what she sold the most of. She charged contestants $100 for their full page ads. Family members used these to include a special message or words of encouragement for the contestants. She charged businesses $200 for their full page ads. This money went to help pay for the cost of the programs and some of the pageant expenses.

She decided to print with us because of our competitive pricing and was very pleased with the results. Most noticeably was the speed at which the programs were completed. After proof approval we took three days to print and three days to ship via UPS ground. Six days was not very long for her to wait and it was faster than she had anticipated.

If she could change anything about the program it would be the low resolution images. Since a few of the images submitted to her were low resolution they printed looking a little grainy / fuzzy. The only way to fix this is to get images that have a higher resolution. Next year, Amy hopes to get more of the images directly from the photographers, not the contestants to ensure that all of the images are high resolution.

Her advice for someone considering a print project is number the pages that you send in. When she originally uploaded her files to us they were not in order and they were not labeled with page numbers. As soon as she realized this she called us and we sent her a new upload link and got it taken care of right away. When you save your pages and name them, it’s a good idea to include what page number they are so there is no confusion about the page order.

“My goal for the Miss Georgia United States Pageant is to encourage every young woman that steps foot on the pageant stage, not to “win” a crown, but to be their personal best.” -Amy Brady. I pulled this quote from the pageant booklet because it really resonated with me. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos around us and to let that discourage us. It’s important to remember to put your best foot forward in everything we do, not just competitions.

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