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Amber Gauthier
December 10, 2020

Travel Photography Book [Case Study]

image1Jeremy Woodhouse has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is the owner of Pixelchrome Photography Tours. Each year, Jeremy and a group of lucky people travel the world to destinations that only a few people get to visit in their lifetime and take photographs as they explore. Unfortunately, Jeremy’s dream job all came to an abrupt end because of the coronavirus pandemic and like so many other people, Jeremy was left unemployed as traveling abroad to foreign countries was no longer allowed and the bills started to stack up. He needed a fast way to make money so he decided to rebrand his business and sell printed photography books showcasing his years of travel.

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The book is called PhotoTour Postcards From The Road. It’s a beautiful perfect bound coffee table photo book that is filled with 244 pages of the most amazing photography you will ever see. Advertising and selling the book to his past travelers, who have the same passion for photography, has helped him pay the bills. The first book sold so well he printed a second book about Cuba and now his third book is about to hit the shelves about the amazing country of India. 

Making the Photo Book 

Luckily for Jeremy, making a book of this size wasn’t too difficult because he also has a background in graphic design and has always had the vision of someday making a printed travel book. Once the design process started the hardest part was trying to keep the page count down but there were so many photos to choose from.

image2After getting his design together, he decided to print the book with a company that offers print on demand so he could control his print cost and make more per book. He chose to print the book at PrintingCenterUSA after researching a few other online printers. He liked the fact that they could print his book in a few days, how easy the process was and that they answered all his questions. Once he decided on the right paper stock for the cover and inside pages, he received a hard copy proof so he could see firsthand the quality of the book. In as little as a week, after proof approval, he received his photography books and was able to start making money off of a lifetime passion of traveling the world and taking pictures. 

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Book Specifications

image3“I find the coated matte works better than the gloss with images, as there are no distractions such as reflections. As long as the matte paper is coated, there is little loss in quality or color rendition over the gloss option - frankly, the matte is a classier look.”

  • Binding: Perfect Bound (Long Edge)
  • Size: 8.5” x 11”
  • Quantity: 100
  • Pages: 244 (Cover + 240 Inside)
  • Inside Ink: (4/4) Full Color Both Sides
  • Cover Ink: (4/4) Full Color Both Sides
  • Cover Paper: 100# Matte Cover
  • Cover Ink: 100# Matte Text
  • Production Time: 5-7 Business Days


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