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Smart Secrets for Building Event Programs

Smart Secrets For Building Event Programs!You know what isn't a secret? Programs can make money for your school or organization. A huge part of this is the advertising that is associated with this item. Advertising can be sold to business’ to cover the cost of the program and add a nice profit to your bottom line! Not only are you creating an program that is beneficial, but you also become a prime source of ad space that sponsors are going to want to take advantage of. But sponsors and advertising are not the onlly things you need to build a program that works for your event. No matter what kind of program you are printing we will give you our top secrets for building successful and inexpensive event programs.

DanceExample.pngRecitals: Dance, Ballet

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PageantProgramExample.pngPageants: Beauty, Child, Scholarship, Bathing Suit 

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SportsPrograms.pngSporting Events: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling, Swimming, Volley Ball, Cheerleading, Track & Field, Hockey, Marching Band, Lacrosse, Softball, Rugby, Boxing, Ice Skating, Triathlon, Roller Derby, Horse Shows, Rodeos, Car Shows, Racing

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EventProgramExample.pngEvent Programs: Art Exhibits, Cinema, Theatre, Concert, Music, Fundraising, Plays,
Conference, Convention, Trade Shows

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Don't forget Wedding Program Photobooks &

Funeral Program Photobooks!


All you need is a digital camera and a computer. We recommend showcasing a picture or collage of photos on the cover of your program best describing your event.  Take your own photos or use a collection from parents or attendees. Another great way to get photos to supplement your programs is to buy photos from stock photo sites, or find a site that gives you photos for free! To save money, you can design the program yourself or let students or associates create their own event program. We also have an easy online designer to get you started and it's FREE.


QuickTip-1.pngRemember that a good resolution for printing photos is 300 dpi (dots per inch).  Anything below will print pixelated. Most images displayed on a monitor has a resolution between 72 dpi and 96 dpi, which means it may look great on your monitor but will not look great when printed.


You and your fellow program designers can take current digital pictures, gather digital pictures and or have fellow students, associates, etc. gather pictures that will enhance your program. We feel that these types of photos get the best results:

EPEX1.png EPEX2.png EPEX3.png EPEX4.png

Individuals, coaches, players, participants, etc.

Teams, groups, classes, staff, teachers, cheerleaders. Activities, action pictures, products, whatever you want to convey, etc. Pictures from previous years’ or other past events.


EPEX7.png EPEX8.png
Liven up with people in funny situations and funny sayings to go with the picture. Events, places or things that relate to your cause or organization. Points of interest, such as people, landmarks, etc. from your school, organization, community, sports team, etc. Audience or participants having a good time participating.

QuickTip-1.pngIf your event is an annual or bi-annual occurance, using photos from the the previous event is effective and could even be a better way to excite people about attending this years event! Then the hard part is over when it comes to photographs. Just remember to take photos during this years game or fundraiser or whatever so you have easy access to material for next year!


Whether is it For Social, Pageant, Recital And Business Event Programs, including the right kind of pages is necessary for achieving program success! No matter what kind of event program you are using, there are countless pages you can use!


tableofcontents.pngTable of Contents


Map of Location




Contributing and Important Individuals


Team and Group Photos




Plus don't forget History, Important Information, Accomplishments, Individual speakers or participants pictures and bios, Schedule οf events, Thank you page, Testimonials page, Schedule of Events and More!

QuickTip-1.pngDon't forget to add Filler Pages! Programs are a saddle stitched booklet. Page counts have to be divisible by 4. (8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and so on). We have ideas that make great filler pages to help you make your program the right number of pages. Why not include an extra page for information about your event? Or a "rules of the game" page that explains to your audience what is happening? Another page we recommend is a statistics page or records page that shows past scores or puts this specific event in perspective with similiar events happening around the country. You can even add an autograph page that is great for dance recital programs or sporting events, even concerts! 

And that is it! You got our smart secrets and our quick tips to make this years event program the best one yet. It all boils down to organization and choosing the right printer. With PrintingCenterUSA, you not only get all the tools you need to design, you get exceptional customer service and printing experts. We can get the job done with a professional quality that won't break the bank. That's a secret we don't want to stay quiet! We have affordable prices for all of your printing needs. So go ahead- spread the word!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Magazine Printing

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Why Should You Print Magazines With Us?

Looking for a One Stop Company for Magazine Printing? Printing Center USA has a state of the art facility that specializes in short run full color magazines printed affordably.  From quantities of 5 magazines and up, we are a full service magazine provider. We make it easy to get an instant quote, order quickly, or get a Free Sample Pack before you order. We even have free online design tools to help you get started, and a friendly technical staff to ease the process. Did we mention our affordable prices? Why go anywhere else?

MagazinePrinting_ShortRun_0217.pngBecause we are short run magazine printing specialists, we give magazine producers the chance to start a new magazine publication, and test the brand and marketing effectiveness before making any large investments.  We do this with our state of the art equipment. Short run printing is a great option for any new magazine producers or designers, as it enables you to produce the exact number of magazines you need. This cuts back on wasted materials, and the waste on your hard earned money.  And if you like our services, reordering is as easy as a quick phone call to your Customer Service Representative.

We offer color offset magazine printing and short run digital magazine printing services. Depending on the quantity of your order you can save money by printing the exact number that you need of smaller quantities on our digital press or print larger quantities on the offset press and take advantage of our buy more and save feature. Want to know more about digital vs offset printing? Click here!


We Have Great Options To Make Magazine Printing Worthwhile

MagazinePrinting_UVGloss_0217.pngAdding Gloss UV Coating to your Full Color Magazine is one of the most affordable ways to increase your brands value, by adding an affordable professional look.  It’s similar to painting rooms in your house to add value.  It’s a cheap addition, sometime just a few dollars, and it literally changes the look of your magazine, and gives it first class shine appeal. It also makes the cover more moisture resistant. We recommend you produce the Cover of your magazine on 80# Gloss Cover with Gloss UV on the front, and the inside of your magazine on either 100# Gloss Text, or 80# Gloss Text for magazines with over 28 internal pages.



Do you need help with distribution? Printing Center USA has in-house direct mailing services for fast magazine distribution. It is affordable and easy to order printing and mailing services online, just select yes, for mailing in the online quote system and upload your list in the check-out process. All mailing lists are through the USPS®, and their EDDM® system is easy and affordable! Let us do the hard work for you, and leave the packing and mailing to us!



MagazinePrinting_Sizes_0217.pngOur standard magazine sizes are 8.5 x 11, 4.25 x 11, 6 x 9, or 5.5 x 8.5. You can print 8 to 84 pages! Don't sweat it if you have more pages you want to add, get a custom quote and we can back to you right away!


MagazinePrinting_Binding_0217-1.pngMagazines are normally Saddle-Stitched (most popular!) or Perfect Bound. Saddle Stitching (Pages held together with staples down the middle) is less expensive and it works best for lower quanitity pages. If you have over 100 pages, Perfect Binding (pages glued together with a flat spine) might be the way to go! But you can check out all of our bindery options here.

Get fast turnaround times! Our slogan is Fast, Easy, and Affordable for a reason! Head to our Magazine Printing Page, enter your options into the pricing tool on the right, and choose your in hand date. Do you need it Fast? We are built for it. We have fast magazine printing turnaround times as fast as 2 business days. If you ever need it faster, just ask.  We are always available to help you in any way. It's that easy!

We have lots of ways you can personalize your magazine. If you aren't seeing the options you are looking for right away, just click here to request a custom quote.

MagazinePrinting_DesignTool_0217.png MagazinePrinting_templates_0217.png MagazinePrinting_DesignService_0217.png
We also offer a FREE Online Design Tool to get you started! If you already have Adobe Design Software, check out our FREE Templates so that your files can be error free when you submit! Or if you don't want to bother with design, check our team of professional designers to help you with whatever you need!


Need more design ideas? Read these Case Studies and Design Tips or watch our Info Videos to get your magazine ideas off the ground, into the print shop and in your hands quickly!

Printing Center USA can help organizations boost their return on investment through cheap magazine printing. We offer competitive prices for orders up to 10,000 magazines and we can expedite the delivery of publications with the expertise of our in-house mailing center. Not only do we give you a FREE Electronic Proof on every order, we promise a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Talk to a CSR today and find out what PrintingCenterUSA can do for you - 800 995 1555.

How To Advertise With Brochures & Flyers- With Cheap Prices!

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How To Advertise With Brochures And Flyers with Cheap Printing Prices!

Most people have a need for a flyer or brochure at some point in their lives. Are you asking yourself, "Where can I get Flyers & Brochures for Cheap Printing Prices?" No matter what you need them for, advertising your business, getting the word out on an upcoming event, or even something simple like losing something important, flyers and brochures are an effective marketing tool. We want to show you that you have access to flyers and brochures - and they can be printing for cheap!

The best place to print your tri fold brochure or advertising flyer is through an online printing company like PrintingCenterUSA. Don't overpay for a simple brochure or bulk copies at a commercial place like Fed Ex or Vistaprint. Try an inexpensive online printing service that specializes in bulk printing. Online printing companies don't have the same price overhead or hundreds of facilities to staff, so they are able to keep their prices low and save you money.



Once you've decided that you do need flyers, or maybe just a rack brochure to leave at local business, and you've decided you want them with cheap printing prices, you need to decide where to go. We think the best way to decide if a company has everything you need, and you haven't tried them before, is to read their reviews. Don't see enough 5 stars? Do they look automated or fake? Maybe you should move on! Read PrintingCenterUSA's rave reviews here and let our customers tell you about their personal experience! Not only will you be happy with our low prices, we guarantee you'll love the service! Especially when the cost per sheet goes WAY down the more you order! You could get 5,000 brochures for as little as 7 cents per page! That's a fantastic deal. And we promise you'll find the perfect size marketing flyer or brochure with us!

Cheap Advertising Flyers and Professional Quality Cheap Advertising Brochures & Professional Quality



There are several ways to advertise with Flyers & Mail.pngBrochures, but the two most popular ways to advertise with postcards is to either advertise and distribute yourself, or with EDDM® from the USPS®. Choosing to advertise yourself could be paying high out of pocket costs to self address and mail to every person you want to target. It could even mean going door to door to local businesses. The biggest difference between using EDDM® and mailing flyers and brochures yourself is the cost. With EDDM®, you pay a small fee to the USPS®, and your postcards are sent out to a specific route or zip code you want to target. You won't need to buy specific mailing lists or addresses. Your postage is included in your fee to the USPS®, which saves you a lot of money that you would have to spend if you were doing it yourself.



Contact PrintingCenterUSA today to get started on your flyer or trifold brochure printing project. If you need your advertising printed quickly, we have quick turnaround options and you can get from desktop to doorstop in 4 to 7 days from proof approval. If you are a small business owner, or just have a major event you need to advertise for, you should consider all of the services we have to order in order to meet your marketing goals. Advertising with flyers is a simple and cost effective way to raise awareness for any business or event and can help you reach more customers or potential clients. Not only will you enjoy huge savings from printing with a wholesale online printing company, you will experience personal quality and outstanding customer service.

Plus, if you don't have a design picked out for your advertising brochure, we offer FREE online design options, including blank brochure templates, an online designer where you can drag and drop your images and text, and a team of organized designers who would love to help you get your project off the ground!



Online Catalogs, Booklets & Photobooks ARE Affordable

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Online Catalogs, Booklets & Photobooks ARE Affordable!

Not sure where to start when it comes to printing a multi page booklet? When it comes to affordable online printing, we consider ourselves experts. Let us help you get started by giving you a few easy definitions, so that when you are ready to place your order, you'll know the difference between catalogs, booklets and photobooks! No matter what kind of booklet, we can with them all, including team sports and athletic books, club activity booklets, birthday memory books, cookbooks, memorial photo books, reunion booklets, wedding photobooks, beauty pageant books, fundraising books, business booklets, conference catalogs, company biographies, coupon books, coloring books, festival booklets, yearbooks and more!

Catalogs are books that display and promote a collection of products and services to increase sales efforts for your products.

Booklets are small thin paper cover books that contain a few details and informational pages promoting one particular subject and can include advertising.

Photobooks are memory books or coffee table books that you can create online with the help of a photo book design tool.

Now that you know what kind of booklet is right for you, it is time to talk about design options, and how to get started! Good booklet design, whether it's for an online catalog, a business report booklet, or a family photo book, starts with a focused plan. If you start with a vision and goal your booklet and catalog design will be successful! Regardless if you are creating the catalog design yourself (check out our catalog design tool now!) or working with a graphic designer we can help you’re your booklet look the best it can be, all at an affordable price! We even have FREE downloadable templates to help you get started with error free files. A great Booklet Printing Service can sometimes be hard to find, but it seems like you came to the right place!

Printed materials are some of the most influential marketing tools, despite how powerful the web can be. Which means that full color booklet printing might be one of the most effective ways to promote your business, products, or services! Here are a few ideas we have to help you create an inexpensive booklet that helps your business:

Design your catalog after your target audience!Your business or organization should remember your audience and carefully decide who to market to before initiating a printed booklet campaign. Depending on your product or services, you can target your consumers with print and mail catalogs. You  could even consider designing two or three different versions of each color catalog to achieve optimal results.!

Start with a small inexpensive booklet and work your way up to multiple booklets in a year!Deciding how and where to distribute is the hard part, but we can help you get your feet off the ground. Start with a small booklet to introduce your company or event and include just the basics, so that your customers are looking for more! Then once they are hooked, have them purchase a full company catalog and give them a physical piece of what they are getting when they buy from you! Catalogs and booklets are a great way to keep your business on your customers minds.

Sell your catalogs in store and online!Many companies give out or sell their full color catalogs at retail locations, but with internet shopping becoming more and more the societal norm, some organizations allow their customers to request a catalog or sample booklet online. Having a place on your website where customers can subscribe to a quarterly catalog could be a great and easy way to bring in revenue.

PrintingCenterUSA has shipping and mailing options!If you do decide to allow prospective or loyal shoppers to order catalogs, booklets, and photo books from the web, be sure to ship the catalogs to them fast! You don't want them to order and then completely forget about why they were excited to buy in the first place. Lucky for you, PrintingCenterUSA has shipping and mailing options, so we can do the hard work for you!

Don't get overwhelmed with marketing! Let us do the hard work for you!Don't get overwhelmed with booklet marketing. Let the experts help your business reach its vision and goals for 2017. Printing an inexpensive catalog with us means instant revenue for you, and it gives your customers something they can come back to again and again.

Now you know the basics for how to get started, but are you curious about why we think we are the most affordable? Get an instant price on booklets, catalogs, and photobooks now, and see for yourself why our slogan is Fast, Easy, and Affordable!

Get an instant Booklet Price! Get an Instant Catalog Price! Get an Instant Photobook Price!



Cheap Catalogs Can Make You More Money

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Cheap Catalogs Can Make You More Money for Your Business!

When you think of Product Catalogs, what do you think of? Do you think of advertising catalogs, educationional catalogs, religious catalogs, fraternities catalogs, college catalogs, clothing catalogs, equipment catalogs, food & beverage catalogs, online catalogs, outfitters hunting catalogs, product catalogs, sporting events and sports marketing catalogs? When you think of Cheap Catalogs, what do you think of? We hope you think of us! There are literally thousands of catalogs types in the world and our goal here at PrintingCenterUSA is not only to print an affordable product catalog, but to help you make the most money for your business. 

We define catalogs as booklet that displays and promotes a collection of products and or services to increase sales efforts for your products and collection of products that you group into categories. They most likely contain images, design elements, illustrations, graphics, pretty much anything visual to attract your customers attention. You can then use the information in your catalog to create, within a Commerce Server-enabled Web site, Web pages that let your customers browse your products and services. A cheap and custom product catalog could enable you to expand your business and help your organization grow in ways you never thought possible. Catalogs are a perfect vessel because they have more than enough space to include information for every target audience. All of that for cheaper than you thought possible!


Print Cheap Catalogs That Don't Look Cheap!

You can save up on your printing jobs without compromising the quality of your prints. Make your every cent count by spending wisely. Consider these 2 Tips before printing your business catalogs:

Print in Bulk and Save Big on Catalogs!Instead of printing tons of custom catalogs every month, do it quarterly to save up. You can schedule quarterly release of your catalogs if you don’t have a lot to advertise for or if you don't have something urgent to showcase. Aside from cutting cost, this builds up your consumers’ anticipation. It is better that your customers have always something new to look forward to from your brand. Also, with PrintingCenterUSA, the more you order at one time, the more you save! We specialize in bulk, short run, small and square printing and can print discount catalogs that doesn't lack in quality.

Choose An All Inclusive Printing Company for your Catalogs!Another secret in maximizing all opportunities you can get is to look for an online printing company that offers many services at affordable rates. This includes providing you an accessible customer service for concerns about your project, a variety of specs and options for your prints, a design tool to get you started, and a free proofing service to make sure that you get the best quality for your projects. PrintingCenterUSA offers a free design tool, free blank templates to start or check your files, and a friendly staff with technical support to answer all of your questions! We offer a variety of online printing services, and inexpensive catalogs are just the beginning!

It really can be that easy. Promoting your business is a tough job to start and maintain. Let us help you get your feet off the ground with affordable catalogs that are high quality. Check out our instant online pricing tool and see just how easy it is to order custom catalogs!


Ready to Start Your Catalogs? Let's start now!