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February 16, 2016

Zen Training Center Prints Community Journals


Recently we printed the Community Journal for the Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center. The purpose of the center is to be a year-round Zen Training Center. I spoke with Jim Lakey, the principal photographer and designer of the Journal, to learn more. The Center was founded in 1982 by Taizen Maezumi Roshi. Some of their students live at the Center but most only come by for the practice and events. The journal lists an upcoming schedule of events which is a handy reminder for some of their members.

They have been printing this quarterly in-house journal for years. After some time they decided to upgrade to a local printer, who produced the publication in black and white. The quality wasn't what they were hoping for and they wanted to produce the Journal in color so Jim went online and found our company. They were pleased to discover that we offer full color printing for only a little bit more than they were paying the local printer.463857_yokoji_insides.jpg

Now that the publication is produced in color they were able to change the style of the design, using blocky colors for more impact. They also requested a sample packet from us and used our Paper Sample Guide to choose the paper they wanted for this project. The cover paper is an 80# gloss cover and the inside pages are 100# gloss text. Having a thicker cover gives the publication a nice professional feel.

The journal is sent to all of their members. Even though much of the information can also be found on their website many of the members prefer to receive a physical copy. This publication has several articles written by members of the center, a recipe for peanut butter cups and a list of upcoming events.

Jim’s advice for someone starting a printing project is to research your printing company and be sure that you know the file specifications they require. For example, we require full bleed files while other printers do not. (What is bleed?). It’s important to know this information before you start your design work so that you don’t have to edit or change your design later.

To learn more about the Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center and to read some of the articles in their quarterly journal, check out their website: http://zmc.org/


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