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Matt Fey
May 20, 2020

Yearbook Ideas — Things To Consider

YearbookHeaderYearbooks and memory books are exactly what they sound like— images and text of memories that are meant to be cherished. You can find memories in everyday life. These days we take so many images that we often forget to look back on them on anything other than a tiny 5-inch screen.

But, creating a memory book or yearbook enables you to better appreciate those momentous times with your family, friends and students. Create a yearbook for your elementary school, high school, club, sports team, or any organization! With a yearbook, you can be the author and photographer of your own memories. This blog outlines some key yearbook ideas that you might want to start thinking about today. So, let’s get started.

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Planning Your Yearbook

It’s important to plan what you want to be included in your yearbook. What you decide to have in the yearbook often depends on the school-age of the students in the book. We’ve outlined some of the key moments/themes to consider when planning at the beginning of the school year.

Preschool Yearbook Ideas:elementary-school-yearbook_730x725

When it comes to pre-k children, you are going to want to keep the wording simple. Think ABC, 123!  Keeping the language easy to read will allow for easier engagement when it comes time for the parents to read the memories back to their kiddos. Think about all the great Dr. Seuss books you read as a child that were full of rhymes... that might be a good place to start.

Beyond the language, the preschool yearbook should be full of images and bright colors.  They might be learning about the primary colors so keep the imagery fun!

Elementary Yearbook Ideas:

Kindergarten to fifth grade is a great time for yearbooks and sharing memories of the school year.  Often children in these grades have a theme for the school year that you will want to convey. Try to implement what was learned during the year throughout the yearbook so the students can reflect on those special moments.  As a teacher or PTA member creating the school yearbook it is important to make sure the students are in the spotlight.  

Why You Should Create a Yearbook


High School Yearbook Ideas:

High school yearbooks are often created by seniors.  Once the seniors have a solid theme in mind, then they should be collecting images and memories from the year.  High school moments will include sports, recitals, graduation and more.  A strong theme for the yearbook will help curate the flow from the beginning of the year to the end.





Yearbooks with obvious themes lead to a more organized and well represented finished product. Choosing a theme isn’t always easy but in the end it makes it a yearbook worth reading and keeping for future generations.  There are a few routes to take when choosing a theme for your yearbook.  We’ve listed some common themes and ideas to weave into your yearbook creation to consider below:

  • School Mascot
  • Decades
  • Pop Culture
  • Newsroom Style
  • Color Oriented 
  • Seasonality Timeline

There are going to be fun quotes added throughout the yearbook as well as photographs of important moments.  Be sure to relate everything back to the theme.  This will ensure a coherent experience for all flipping through the year’s memories.

PrintingCenterUSA recommends browsing Pinterest or looking through old yearbooks to get a good feel on themes. If you try our Yearbook Photo Book Maker, we have a large selection of themes that make designing your yearbook as simple as uploading your photos! 

Photo Book Maker


Layout Ideas

When it comes to the layout of your school yearbook consider how it relates to the whole theme.  The most obvious aspect of the yearbook will be the school photos of each student.  But, don’t think it has to be portrait style rectangles of each student.  Spice it up!  Yearbooks for elementary and middle school can have thought bubbles coming from each student saying what they might have learned that year.  Or if you're making a sports memory book, make a fun collage of photos from games!

The layout of the yearbook should be creative and leave room for creativity.  Students might want to sign their photos so plan on leaving space under each school picture.  The yearbook often flows better with sectioned areas of the year.  The beginning of the yearbook might have the fall sports that then rolls right into the spring sports near the end.

Consider giving one of our free predesigned yearbook templates a go:

 Yearbook Templates


Yearbook Binding Options


Perfect Binding will allow for a very sharp and professional look that will be ideal for larger schools with higher page counts (more students!). With a square spine, you can design and print on the edge which will be especially nice for a yearbook considering they might have multiple by the time they’re through 12th grade. 

Saddle Stitch is another popular option for yearbooks with a smaller page count and will be a great choice for those preschool and elementary school teachers.

PrintingCenterUSA also offers Spiral and Wire-O Binding. 

Yearbooks don’t all have to look the same with portraits lined up in rows.  Get creative with your yearbook and collect photos from multiple groups and people.  This will allow for a more comprehensive and engaging yearbook for all to cherish. 

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