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Amanda Schauer
January 13, 2021

What is All This Chatter About Black Lives Matter - Case Study

What is All This Chatter About Black Lives Matter- Case Study

Sheila Caldwell recently self published a book with a poem called "What's all This Chatter About Black Lives Matter" along with some background history about slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and the Civil Rights Movement. She has gotten inspiration about writing this book because of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. She wrote this historical poem from the viewpoint of a young Black boy living in the United States. After publishing her book, she wrote us a wonderful letter about her experience printing with us and the effect that her book has had. 

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The Customer's Letter

"Dear Mr. Barber, 

Thank you so much for my gift card. I really appreciate it and I will definitely be using your company again and again. I am sixty-six years old and I work in the Special Education Department in a Maryland public school. 

My project may have been a little different than most. To be honest, I had some caution about having it printed. I write a poem entitled "What is All This Chatter About Black Lives Matter?" I wrote this from the viewpoint of a young Black boy living in America who is trying to educate people on why his life matters. The poem is also an answer to the question "Don't All Lives Matter?" - this question has the answer in it "All Lives Don't Matter" - Racial Profiling is Real, Racism is Real, and Systemic Racism is Real. Most police officers, I have 5 in my family, are decent law-abiding individuals. However, some are not. Some make themselves the judge and the jury and unfortunately Black Lives do not matter to these individuals. 

Today I read my poem to some coworkers at a Training Class for Teachers on the subject of Equity and Diversity. One of the subjects was Black Lives Matter - I had my book, which was beautifully printed by your company, in the room (remember we are at home now on Zoom) where I was on the computer. I asked if I could read a couple of pages. The response was outstanding. Some people said they started crying. I even got some feedback about getting a grant. They loved the cover and the poem!!! Most of all - they had a better understand what Black Lives Matter means! This is where your company changes lives! It makes project affordable for everyone!

I have been spreading praises about your company to my brother, my husband, etc. who have had the ideas for years but it was just too expensive to get things printed! We finally found a company that can make our dreams come true! When I opened that box and saw something that I had created come to life - I felt AWESOME! I have three other children's books and will be using your company for the printing. One is very important because it talks about keeping kids calm during this pandemic - it is entitled "Ducks Don't Sink". The other one is about kids living in my area of Annapolis. Again, I have had these books on paper for years!


Your company is a blessing!

I am enclosing a signed book for you! That is my handsome grandson on the front cover!! We are all in this world together- gotta be kind to each other!


Sheila W. Caldwell

P.S - I am selling the book for $10 - a portion of the proceeds will go to St. Judes, Shriner's Hospital, and other organizations that promote justice and children's programs."

Get more information about Black History: www.blackpast.org 


Working with PrintingCenterUSA

When we asked Sheila about working with PrintingCenterUSA, she said that she loved working with us. She stated that she designed the book herself and that our customer service team was great in answering any questions that she had through the process. She said, "USE THIS COMPANY - they are extremely professional and "cheap" - great quality and great price. I would definitely use this company for my other children's book projects. I am extremely pleased!"

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