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Cheap Catalogs Can Make You More Money

Wed, Jan 18, 2017 @ 10:30 AM Taler Hill 0 Catalog Business Company Cheap product

Cheap Catalogs Can Make You More Money for Your Business!

When you think of product catalogs, what do you think of? Do you think of advertising catalogs, educationional catalogs, religious catalogs, fraternities catalogs, college catalogs, clothing catalogs, equipment catalogs, food & beverage catalogs, online catalogs, outfitters hunting catalogs, product catalogs, sporting events and sports marketing catalogs? When you think of Cheap Catalogs, what do you think of? We hope you think of us! There are literally thousands of catalogs types in the world and our goal here at PrintingCenterUSA is not only to print an affordable product catalog, but to help you make the most money for your business. 

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Headsweats_mockup-saddle-stitch-cover.pngWe define catalogs as booklet that displays and promotes a collection of products and or services to increase sales efforts for your products and collection of products that you group into categories. They most likely contain images, design elements, illustrations, graphics, pretty much anything visual to attract your customers attention. You can then use the information in your catalog to create, within a Commerce Server-enabled Web site, Web pages that let your customers browse your products and services. A cheap and custom product catalog could enable you to expand your business and help your organization grow in ways you never thought possible. Catalogs are a perfect vessel because they have more than enough space to include information for every target audience. All of that for cheaper than you thought possible!

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Print Cheap Catalogs That Don't Look Cheap!

You can save up on your printing jobs without compromising the quality of your prints. Make your every cent count by spending wisely. Consider these 2 Tips before printing your business catalogs:

1. Print in Bulk

Headsweats_mockup-inside2.pngInstead of printing tons of custom catalogs every month, do it quarterly to save up. You can schedule quarterly release of your catalogs if you don’t have a lot to advertise for or if you don't have something urgent to showcase. Aside from cutting cost, this builds up your consumers’ anticipation. It is better that your customers have always something new to look forward to from your brand. Also, with PrintingCenterUSA, the more you order at one time, the more you save! We specialize in bulk, short run, small and square printing and can print discount catalogs that doesn't lack in quality.

File Requirements

2. Choos an All Inclusive Printing Company

Stitch-Shutter_mockup-Full.pngAnother secret in maximizing all opportunities you can get is to look for an online printing company that offers many services at affordable rates. This includes providing you an accessible customer service for concerns about your project, a variety of specs and options for your prints, a design tool to get you started, and a free proofing service to make sure that you get the best quality for your projects. PrintingCenterUSA offers a free design tool, free blank templates to start or check your files, and a friendly staff with technical support to answer all of your questions! We recommend you take a few minutes to check out our file requirements to ensure the quickest turnaround time.  We offer a variety of online printing services, and inexpensive catalogs are just the beginning!

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It really can be that easy. Promoting your business is a tough job to start and maintain. Let us help you get your feet off the ground with affordable catalogs that are high quality. Check out our instant online pricing tool and see just how easy it is to order custom catalogs!

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Get Started with Catalogs

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2018 is coming fast which means it's time for Winter and Spring Catalogs to get out to the public. Whether you are promoting an advertising catalog, educational catalog, equipment catalog, product catalog, food & beverage catalogs, apparel catalogs, sporting goods catalogs and so much more! Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we have several Catalog printing services to make sure your 2018 Catalog is the best on the market.

First, let's define catalog. We define catalogs as displaying and promoting a collection of products and or services to increase sales efforts for your products and may include images, illustrations, design elements, graphics, charts, or pictures that attract attention. A bit of mouthful, right? Don't worry! A catalog can basically build itself if you have good information and good products. If this is your first catalog, we will give you all of the tools you need to produce something fantastic at a great price! Start by reading our three main starting points that you need to make a fantastic catalog.


Do you know what you need to start your catalog? We can help you!

What Do You Need To Start Your Catalog?

Collect Images for your 2017 Catalog!The first thing you need to start your catalog is images of your products. Find someone to take high quality photos and try to organize them in a way that would make sense to the buyer or person seeking information. Don't forget that in order for pictures to be printed with a high resolution, they need to be 300 dpi. Most photos you might find online are normally only 72 dpi, because they are formulated for the web. Collecting decent photos might be the most important part of the catalog printing process. If your photos aren't decent quality, you won't sell what you need to sell, be it products or just information. A picture is worth a thousand words, a true cliche that shouldn't be taken for granted.


Start Designing Your 2017 Catalog!The second thing you need is a design software to organize your images and information in an attractive way. We have easy start templates so that your files can start off error free and helps making the printing process easier. Not everyone has access to that, and we understand. Which is why we offer a free design tool that you can use from the comfort of your home or office! Click here to view our catalog design tool and explore it for yourself! Not a designer? Don't want that hassle? Not a problem! Hire one of our favorite designers to do the hard work for you! Of course, if you already have your designs print ready, you can upload your files at the time you place your order. You don't have to use our software, but we have free templates and a design tool if you need them!


Choose the right printer for your 2017 catalog!The third thing you need to make a sucessful catalog is a #1 Rated Printing Service to get the job done right. See where we are getting at here? (Insert eyebrow raises and sly smile). PrintingCenterUSA is a top quality and affordable printing company with actual affordable pricing! We not only give you tools to help you create your perfect catalog, but we will walk you through the printing process so that you get exactly what you want. We print for all types of associations, including school & education, business, church & religion, health, nonprofit and arts & entertainment. You will be amazed at our quality, and your business or organization will be rushing back to us every year. Don't believe us? Read our reviews here. Hundreds of satisfied customers can't be wrong!


Ready to start your 2017 Catalog? Let's go!

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Read our tips and tricks for building a successful catalog, no matter what kind of catalog you need! And don't forget to subscribe to our email list to never miss out special deals, discounts, and design tips!

Getting Better Prices Than Kinkos: Calendar Edition

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A Price Better Than Kinkos: Calendar Edition

When it comes to printing, most people turn to what is familiar – their local Kinkos®, now called FedEx Office®. And when they search online, they are trying to find out some specific information on how much their printing needs will cost. But have you ever wondered why Kinkos® is SO expensive if you want more than one copy of that flyer your boss needs? This article helps you understand why they are so pricey and how you can save money on your printing needs!

What are Kinkos® Printing Prices?  

Before we jump into pricing, have you decided which product you need printed? September through December is calendar season for us! We are right in the middle of the time where everyone and their mom is looking to print their 2017 calendars. So for arguments sake, we want to show you our Calendars prices vs FedEx Office®, so you can really understand their pricing.

We went online and found their calendar order page. They don’t have a pricing tool where you can customize your calendar, but instead just have a list of prices that compares whether or not you want to add color to your calendar grid. As you can see, ordering any amount of calendars is NOT worth your while. These prices are ridiculous, and border into crazy. (Don't believe me? Click here to see for yourself!)

Fed Ex Prices are based per calendar and do NOT get cheaper as the quantity goes up!

PCUSA offers an instant pricing tool where you can customize all of your options!

< Now take a look at our unique pricing tool. It is customizable and you can see the price differences on each choice you make. It also gives you shipping charges and shows you how much you save if you choose to wait a couple extra days for your order. Just by looking at these differences, our prices are dramatically lower. It comes out to about $4 per calendar.* When it comes to calendar ordering, we have got you covered. Not only do we have great prices, but we have a FREE calendar design tool and loads of FREE templates to get you started. Or if you already have your calendar ready, just start your order and easily upload your files.

Start your calendar today!


Why are Kinkos® Prices So Expensive?

The reason FedEx Office® is so expensive is because instead of existing as a trusted online printing company with a single location like us, they have about 2,000 locations nationwide. So basically, you pay extra to keep all those stores in business. You pay to stock those stores, you pay the staff, and you pay for all the equipment to keep each and every store running.

Why not choose the #1 Rated Printing Company for your printing needs? Our single location means we have access to getting you the lowest price because we don’t overcharge you for operating costs.

We have hundreds and hundreds of great reviews from our loyal customers, and we want to give you a great experience too!

Read all of our 5 star reviews!



Don’t Overpay, Order With Us Today!

Let us prove to you why our slogan is Fast, Easy and Affordable. Contact us today on our website, or call us at 800.995.1555 for a custom quote. If you aren’t quite sure what you need, order a free sample packet of all our products so you can view all our high quality products. We also have online design tools and FREE templates to help you get started!


*Note: Our calendar prices DO change throughout the year. This pricing is accurate for the time this article was posted.

Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, Especially When it Comes to Booklets!

Mon, Aug 29, 2016 @ 04:04 PM Taler Hill 0 design Cheap Booklets custom


Need to Customize Your Booklet? We've Got You Covered!

The list of people who use booklets or SHOULD be using booklets is endless. Anyone can use a custom booklet printing service, whether it is for personal use, for sale, for education, or for marketing. Our discount color booklet printing is important to any industry because you can customize your information in almost any way you want!

Let's first talk about sizes and shape. Making a portrait booklet or a landscape one? Or maybe you need square options. Pick a basic layout and then compare:




When picking your size and shape, it is important to consider what the topic of your booklet will be. Portrait formats are useful for booklets that companies intend to be read like a magazine, while square booklets are perfect for photos! Meanwhile, landscape-styled booklets tend to be well suited for catalogs or other promotional materials.

Need more ideas for what your booklet design should be? Check out our full color booklet printing blog post called "New To Booklet Design? Here's How to Do It Right!"


 Saddle stitched booklets are single sheets of paper, printed on both sides, collated in page number order, folded in half, stapled on the fold and then the three sides are trimmed down to final sizes. WHEW that is a mouthful. Basically it looks exactly like what you imagine a booklet to be. Saddle stitched booklets are our favorite because they give you a lot using only a little. A single folded sheet of paper gives you a total of four pages! Another great thing about saddle stitching is that the pages stay open and lay flat when flipping through, so it's easier to read!

We recommend them because they are by far our most popular, inexpensive and simple to make. They are also professional and with saddle stitched binding you can make a booklet with up to 96 pages!

Ready to order? Get started on your one of a kind saddle stitched booklet today!

However, we understand that you might have projects that require a higher page count. Don't leave though, because we have options for that too! Perfect bound, spiral, or wire-o binding are available and work well for projects with higher page counts and larger quantities!


PrintingCenterUSA has the solution for any companies' booklet printing service challenges. We specialize in short run printing in quantities of 10 to 1,000 and bulk printing for quantities over 1,000 with vibrant color photos on a top quality premium paper.

Our online color booklet printing company offers affordable prices paired with exceptional quality color printing on all of our full color printing services.

Our digital presses are capable of variable data printing, allowing organizations to create targeted booklets and we also offer in-house mailing options to ensure materials reach consumers.  PrintingCenterUSA has the solution for any companies' booklet printing service challenges, so order today!

Design Custom Calendars No One Can Resist

Tue, Aug 2, 2016 @ 04:22 PM Taler Hill 0 online design Calendar Tips Cheap custom
Are you thinking about creating a custom calendar to promote your business, corporation, profession, school or non-profit organization this year? Ask yourself:
  • What do I want this calendar to accomplish?
  • When do I want it done?
  • How am I going to distribute it?
  • What is my budget?

Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we can help you answer these questions and get you on your way to creating an amazing custom calendar! Tell a year long story with vibrant full color photos and affordable customizable calendars. Get it from your desktop to your doorstep in 4-7 days. Call us at 800-995-1555 if you have any questions regarding your customizable calendar options! 

Custom Options

There are many options when it comes to building the perfect calendar for you! But before you get carried away with all of the great designs and photos, pick a size. Our most popular is 8.5" by 11" which opens up to be 11" x 17".

Custom Calendar Size Options

Paper Options

Our professional quality calendars are printed in vivid full-color on 100# (or 80#) gloss or matte cover that can have a UV coating applied to it. For the inside pages you can choose between 100# or 80# gloss or matte paper. We also offer a 70# uncoated text option. The calendars also include a small 5mm drill hole for easy hanging. You can easily create a 12 month (28 page) or a 16 month (36 page) calendar with our online design tool. Our online pricing tool gives you an instant price after you input all of the custom options you want your calendar to have. It even estimates shipping! Are you ready to order?

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Step By Step How to Use our Calendar Online Design ToolsFree Design Help

Our online design tool is fun, easy to use, and perfect for helping you create the affordable photo calendar you've been wanting.

Every calendar we print is a custom calendar made by someone just like you. Each individual creates their own special design by customizing colors and shapes, adding coupons, ads, dates of the month for personal occasions, events and more.

We also offer great free templates to help you get started building the perfect calendar using your Adobe Design Software!

Free Downloadable Templates

There are 3 calendar sizes to choose from, 8.5 x 11, 5.5 x 8.5, and 12 x 12. In your download, there are filler pages to add to your calendar if you need additional pages to complete your full design and file requirements. You can mix and match the calendar using the 3 years available and create a great school year calendar! Double clicking on grid dates allows for easy personalization. There are no additional charges for advertising or having multiple pictures or customizing your calendar.


Our 12 Calendar Templates for the 8.5 x 11 Size


You've got options! If you don’t have your own design software, we can help. You can design using our Free Online Calendar Design Tool. Or if you are feeling overwhelmed or are crunched for time, we have a team of professional designers to help you with your design needs. If your design is already finished, just head online and start your order!

We offer opportunities for great savings with our sponsorship discount programs. Sponsorship programs are available for Non-Profit, Educational and Religious Organizations. Click here to learn more!

Custom Calendars

Everyone is a photographer these days, and its easy to get great photos. Brainstorm your ideas and write down all of your inspirations so that you can tell the perfect year long story! Think about what you want to say to your audience and what photos you might use. Ask yourself what information or photos you want to highlight.

Let your imagination and creativity flow! Don’t forget to add little details like the months before and after, or “the year in a glance” at the beginning. You should also consider adding birthdays and important dates so that you don’t have to worry about handwriting them in later!

Get Started Today!

Nothing dresses up a wall and gets more attention like an attractive full color wall mounted calendar.  Our professional quality calendars are printed in vivid full-color on 100# gloss or matte text (self cover) or add 80# gloss or matte cover paper which can be given an aqueous or UV Gloss Coating and is also drilled with a 5mm small hole for easy hanging. Custom design at a 12 month (28 page) or a 16 month (36 page) calendar easily with our online design tool.

Use our free templates and customize yoru calendar with special dates, advertisements, and images!

Grab your digital camera and start taking pictures. Consider buying photos if you think you don't have the time or are worried that your images will be low resolution. You can download great images from online stock photography sites such as Fotolia.com for only a couple of dollars per picture. Plus there are lots of free images out there! (be sure to read their terms and conditions though!)

If you have your design ready in any of the Adobe Suite programs (InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop), Word or Publisher, simply save the files in PDF format, then get a price, upload your print ready custom files, submit them, OK the proof and we’ll do the rest.

Online Design Tool

Business Promotional Calendars

calendar1.pngUse your calendar to help brand your company and promote your business.

We print great quality promotional calendars for business, health and wellness, graphic designers, photographers, museums, religious organizations, real estate and more at wholesale printing prices.

Repetition is the key element in marketing, and a calendar takes full advantage of repetition because it is something your customers will look at every day! Business calendars are great to give to customers or prospects as gifts or hand out in your store, to help brand your company, promote your business, product or service for an entire year.

To a business or organization a calendar is much more than dates and months. It is a functioning advertisement, maximizing exposure for an entire year. What other advertising medium gives you the opportunity to stay in front of your customers that long? Reap the benefits of successful marketing exposure for 12 months.

Non Profit Calendar Printing

Non Profit Calendar Printing is Easy with us!Fundraising calendars can help you make your non profit successful. We provide you with all of the necessary ideas, case studies, templates, and how-to information you need to create the perfect calendar for any occasion!

Get Started Today!

If you are a non-profit organization, school, education community, government agency, humane society, animal rescue, pet adoption, animal organization,  clubs, religious organizations, church, sports team, fire department, police department and need to raise money or funds, our calendar fundraiser is a perfect way for you to promote your organization, tell your story, stay in the public eye year round and most of all raise money.

Print personalized fundraising calendars and raise thousands of dollars for your school or non-profit organization with your own camera ready files or use our pre-designed calendar templates, grids and photo calendar for fundraising. You can also sign up for our Non-Profit Discount Program.

Photography Calendars

Photography calendars are the best, and they are affordable when you print with PrintingCenterUSA.Here at PrintingCenterUSA, you can print affordable full page color photos to make your calendar pop! Calendars are a great way to show off full color and full page photos. There are endless options when it comes to what you can do with your calendar, and we can help you every step of the way!

Photography Calendars are great for both amateur and professional photographers to showcase their work. Photographers, business’ and non-profit organizations often use photography calendars to promote in a subtle way their products or services. Communities can showcase their town, historic areas or other specific areas. Plus parents can show off their children’s favorite club sports!Get an Instant Price

PrintingCenterUSA provides you with endless options. Upload your finished design or use our online design tool if you want to start from scratch. Just drag and drop your favorite 300 dpi images, from your desktop or Facebook into each month and add your own personalized photos and text to individual calendar dates for birthdays, holidays, parties, events, vacations, anniversaries, and personal occasions. You can also add sponsor ads, coupons and more.

Customize your calendar even more with Poster Calendars!A high quality 11” X 17” poster calendar is the easiest way to build recognition by discreetly placing your name, logo, and branding right under your customers nose.  Send a 2016 calendar as a thank you to customers, supporters, or clients.

Other popular photography calendars utilize pictures of art. Scenic photography calendars often include skiing, wildlife, mountains sunsets, marine, fly fishing, holiday & seasonal, hunting, volcanoes, flowers, birds, lighthouses and more. Models and bathing suits are popular subjects for photography calendars. Include local photography or fun images to promote your organization.

Make your calendar stand out with intriguing covers!

Now that you have read all about your custom options for calendar printing, head over to our site to start your order. You'll be amazed at our prices, and how fast we can get your order to you!

There are endless options when it comes to custom printing, and you aren't limited to just calendars! We many many more product options for all of your printing needs. Click here to check out all of our custom product options!