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Saddle-Stitch Printing for Books, Calendars, Catalogs & Magazines

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1. Sheets vs. Pages

1 Sheet has 2 sides diagramLet's start with a single sheet of paper. A single sheet of paper has 2 sides, a front side and a back side (shown in the diagram on the left).

1 Sheet = 4 Pages diagram

A single folded sheet of paper gives you 4 numbered pages, as shown on the right.

How you number your pages depends on the page count. Page counts range from 8 to 92 pages and must be divisible by 4 (8, 12, 16, 20, 24, and so on).

How to Count Pages in an 8 Page Booklet

Page CountGenerally, the page numbers are on the outside of each page in the upper or lower corner (see red arrows above).

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2. Uploading Files

To Set Up & Upload an 8 Page Document:

  • In the image below, Page 1 is the Front Cover
  • The Inside Front Cover is Page 2.
  • The Inside Pages continue like the diagram below, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  • The last 2 pages will be your Inside Back Cover (Page 7) and the Back Cover (Page 8).

Page Order

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Types of Covers

3. Plus Cover vs. Self-Cover

It all starts with the paper - our three most popular paper choices for booklets are 80# & 100# Text (Gloss or Matte), and 80# Cover Cardstock.

  1. Self-cover is when the cover and the inside paper are the same weight. If you want self-cover, we recommend 100# Text (Gloss or Matte) for both the inside and cover papers.
  2. Plus cover is when the cover is thicker than the inside pages. If you want a booklet with a thicker cover, we recommend 100# gloss text with 80# gloss cover, which can be UV coated to give a luxurious, high gloss feel.


4. Portrait vs. Landscape

Saddle-stitch printing is available in portrait sizes: 5½ x 8½, 6 x 9, 8 x 8, 6 x 6, 7½ x 10; landscape sizes: 8½ x 5½, 9 x 6; and square sizes 8 x 8, 6 x 6. Custom sizes are also available.

Portrait vs. Landscape vs. Square

5. Our Process

After uploading your files, our pre-press department will review your designs to ensure they fit our file requirements and send you a proof. Once you approve the proof, you don't have to do anything more! Check out the steps below if you want to know what happens with your order before and after proof approval!

PrintingCenterUSA's Process Infograph

Now that you understand the difference between sheets and pages, which order to put your pages in, the different cover options and our process, we hope you have an easier time putting together your final design! If you run into any issues, please give us a call at 800-995-1555.

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Online Catalogs, Booklets & Photo Books ARE Affordable

Mon, Jan 30, 2017 @ 01:13 PM Taler Hill 0 Catalog Booklets photobooks affordable

Online Catalogs, Booklets & Photobooks ARE Affordable!

Not sure where to start when it comes to printing a multi-page booklet online? When it comes to affordable online printing, we consider ourselves experts. Let us help you get started by giving you a few easy definitions, so that when you are ready to place your order, you'll know the difference between catalogs, booklets and photo books! No matter what kind of booklet, we can with them all, including team sports and athletic books, club activity booklets, birthday memory books, cookbooks, memorial photo books, reunion booklets, wedding photo books, beauty pageant books, fundraising books, business booklets, conference catalogs, company biographies, coupon books, coloring books, festival booklets, yearbooks and more!

Catalogs are books that display and promote a collection of products and services to increase sales efforts for your products.

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Booklets are small thin paper cover books that contain a few details and informational pages promoting one particular subject and can include advertising.

Learn More About Booklets

Photobooks are memory books or coffee table books that you can create online with the help of a photo book design tool.

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Now that you know what kind of booklet is right for you, it is time to talk about design options, and how to get started! Good booklet design, whether it's for online catalog printing, a business report booklet, or a family photo book, starts with a focused plan. If you start with a vision and goal your booklet and catalog design will be successful! Regardless if you are creating the catalog design yourself (check out our catalog design tool now!) or working with a graphic designer we can help you’re your booklet look the best it can be, all at an affordable price! We even have FREE downloadable templates to help you get started with error free files. A great booklet printing service can sometimes be hard to find, but it seems like you came to the right place!

Printed materials are some of the most influential marketing tools, despite how powerful the web can be. Which means that full color online booklet printing might be one of the most effective ways to promote your business, products, or services! Here are a few ideas we have to help you create an inexpensive booklet that helps your business:

Design your catalog after your target audience!Your business or organization should remember your audience and carefully decide who to market to before initiating a printed booklet campaign. Depending on your product or services, you can target your consumers with print and mail catalogs. You  could even consider designing two or three different versions of each color catalog to achieve optimal results.!

Start with a small inexpensive booklet and work your way up to multiple booklets in a year!Deciding how and where to distribute is the hard part, but we can help you get your feet off the ground. Start with a small booklet to introduce your company or event and include just the basics, so that your customers are looking for more! Then once they are hooked, have them purchase a full company catalog and give them a physical piece of what they are getting when they buy from you! Catalogs and booklets are a great way to keep your business on your customers minds.

Sell your catalogs in store and online!Many companies give out or sell their full color catalogs at retail locations, but with internet shopping becoming more and more the societal norm, some organizations allow their customers to request a catalog or sample booklet online. Having a place on your website where customers can subscribe to your quarterly online catalogs could be a great and easy way to bring in revenue.

PrintingCenterUSA has shipping and mailing options!If you do decide to allow prospective or loyal shoppers to order catalogs, booklets, and photo books from the web, be sure to ship the catalogs to them fast! You don't want them to order and then completely forget about why they were excited to buy in the first place. Lucky for you, PrintingCenterUSA has shipping and mailing options, so we can do the hard work for you!

Don't get overwhelmed with marketing! Let us do the hard work for you!Don't get overwhelmed with marketing in your online booklets. Let the experts help your business reach its vision and goals for 2017. Printing an inexpensive catalog with us means instant revenue for you, and it gives your customers something they can come back to again and again.

Now you know the basics for how to get started, but are you curious about why we think we are the most affordable? Get an instant price on booklets, catalogs, and photo books now and see for yourself why we're known for our fast, easy and affordable printing services.

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Smart Strategies to Successful Newsletters

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Header Image "Smart Strategies for Successful Newsletters

Looking for a new way to develop a relationship with your customers along with educating about your company, products, and services? Newsletters help you become a credible source of information and build trust, which in turn gains loyal customers who look forward to reading your next issue. Build awareness and demonstrate your expertise with a newsletter. Newsletters provide an opportunity to educate, entertain, and market your company directly to your customers. Creating a newsletter is time consuming and an ongoing process that requires planning ahead and continual creativity. Setting up a process and getting ahead helps to prepare you for your monthly series. Learn how to provide value-added information for your customers with every issue by following these simple newsletter-writing tips for success.

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Here are 6 Quick and Easy pieces of advice when starting your newsletter to help ensure your newsletter meets your goals.

1. Know Your Audience! Remember your newsletter is not for everyone, know your target audience and direct your articles and writing to them.

2. Be recognizable! Make your newsletter look and sound like your organization. This will build your brand image and help increase recognition. Include logos, slogans, and professional images that demonstrate who you are.

3. Get a schedule and stick with it! Consistency is important whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly keep on-track, even down to the day of the month it is sent out. This will make you reliable and your customers will start anticipating your newsletter.

Newsletter for a credit union

4. Keep your eye on the future! Generate story ideas ahead of time that correspond to seasonal events, sales, and product launches. Have a few months of stories completed ahead of time, this allows for extra time for proofing, layout, and story development.

5. Know your production time! Each issue goes through a series of steps from the initial concept to shipping, know the amount of time necessary and plan accordingly. Don’t forget time for writing, editing, layout, proofing, printing, addressing, and mailing. Be aware, this can take longer then you think.

6. Stay Consistent! Each year, use similar colors and design elements that identifies your company and sets the tone for your newsletter. Consistent elements helps create brand awareness and makes your business more recognizable. 

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1. Make an Impression! The first thing people will see is your headline! Most people make their decision to read an article based on the headline, bait them into your Newsletter with a tempting or informative title.

2. Be Interesting! People will read your newsletter and come back for more when it contains content that holds interest and keeps them reading. Devise content-rich story ideas for your audience packed with concrete information.

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3. Stay Credible! Research your stories and be credible, include how-to articles, tips, help to solve problems, offer suggestions, and advice. The more engaging and useful your articles, the more your customers will read.

4. Get Involved! Use your newsletter for marketing research, find out what drives sales, what interests your customers have, and include them in articles. Involve your readers, include surveys or request a response. You would be amazed how many businesses would love to be featured in your next issue.

5. Give Them More! Add links to useful websites for additional information about your industry or common interests.

Newsletter for a Country Club

6.  Use Simple, Active, & Clear Writing. When writing your articles in your newsletter, try to keep it clean and direct by eliminating wordiness. People like concise writing styles, so try to create short useful stories, and then link to longer articles if they would like to learn more.

7. Proof, Proof, Proof! Two people proofing is better then one. Look for spelling, clarity, correctness, and simplicity. One of our suggestions would be to wait a day or two before proofing after writing an article, because it can give you a fresh perspective. 

File Requirements

8. Organize Your Design! Create a professional look that is consistent in every issue. Don’t pack too much into one issue, use white space, and appropriate pictures and images. If the design is too crowded, it makes the words hard to read, and people will lose interest.

9. Get Creative With Images! Incorporate graphs, diagrams, and charts when appropriate. Eliminate wordiness by using a picture image that demonstrates your concept. We've said it before, and we'll say it again - A picture is worth 1000 words! People respond to them.

Online Design Tool

Free Templates

And there you have it! We picked up our favorite newsletters and magazines and organized these 15 Quick Tips to help your Newsletter be a success! Start off 2017 the right way, and get ahead of your marketing game with a Business or Company Newsletter.

If you read this whole thing and are excited but aren't sure where to start when it comes to design, you're in luck. PrintingCenterUSA offers free templates to help you get started! Download our templates for any of your favorite design software and customize them to your needs! Don't have a design software? Not a problem. We have a free online design tool to get your newsletter off the ground. We also have a team of designers who would love to help take the stress off and design your newsletter for you! Check them out here.

If you have any questions regarding our printing process, check out our FAQ Blog Post or give us a call at 800-995-1555.

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Your Ultimate Coloring Book Design Guide

Thu, Oct 20, 2016 @ 09:15 AM Taler Hill 0 Booklets


You already know that coloring books are all the rage right now. Almost every store is selling them these days, even gas stations! Adults love them, kids love them, even your grandmother is all about getting her coloring book fix. You're obsessed right now too, aren’t you? Here at PrintingCenterUSA, we definitely are.

Why not design your own? Have you been looking and looking and you just can’t quite seem to find the perfect coloring book? You’ve bought the perfect pairing of colored pencils and markers and you’ve flipped through book after book but none of them have that special something you’re looking for. Designing your own coloring book might be the perfect solution! And bonus, the holidays are right around the corner and coloring books are the perfect gift! We’ve got a few tips for you on creating the perfect coloring books to fit your coloring needs.

TIP1.pngWhether you love animals or fantastical creatures, picking a theme will help focus your designs. Cats with Hats, Dragons with Tattoos, Harry Potter, Swear Words, even seasonal, it is completely your choice! But don’t feel limited! Maybe the reason you can’t choose a coloring book at Barnes and Noble is because you love ALL of them and can’t decide just one to get you started. Make your theme “Spontaneous” and add a page for every topic you love! When you design your own, the sky is the limit and you can do whatever you want!

File Requirements



TIP2.pngOur most popular booklet size is an 8.5” x 11” saddle-stitched booklet. Saddle-stitch means that it is actually printed on a 11” x 17” sheet of paper and then folded in half and stapled in the middle so that your booklet size ends up being the size of standard printing paper. But we also offer other sizes for your booklet, and you can even skip the booklet part of it altogether and print a giant poster coloring sheet instead. Again, the sky is the limit and you have the power to make it whatever you want. The great thing about printing coloring books with us is that you can make the pages perforated, so you can easily tear them out and display your masterpiece!

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Everything is customizable. We have an online design tool where you can upload your images and drag and drop them into place. It’s that easy! Or if you have design software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, we have FREE templates that have the correct file format so all you have to worry about is what goes on the page. Start with a blank canvas for your creation. You can even make the cover of your book colorable! Not many coloring books out there can say that. But your coloring book should represent you, and you are one of a kind!



TIP3.pngHere’s the fun part! What do you want to color? Do you have awesome doodles that your family loves? Bring them to life when you have them professionally printed so that everyone can sit down and color them. You don’t have to be a professional artist to have your art displayed, and we offer affordable prices for your designs.

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If you are not an artist or just are not interested in drawing your own coloring sheets, there are images out there you can use to add to your coloring book! The internet is full of wonderful things! But be careful, you can get in trouble for using someone else’s work without permission and if you plan on selling your book, you could get in big trouble if you don’t own the art. But don’t despair! There are lots of sites out there that have royalty free coloring sheets available. Most websites say that you can use their pages however you’d like, as long as you don’t try to sell them as your own!


That’s it! Decide a theme for your book, pick a size, pick your images, and order! Once you place your order, you won’t find it surprising that our slogan is Fast, Easy and Affordable. Plus we have friendly customer service representatives standing by to walk you through any questions so that your coloring book is the best one out there! It’s the perfect gift and you have time to make them for your family and friends for the holiday season!

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Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, Especially When it Comes to Booklets!

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Need to Customize Your Booklet? We've Got You Covered!

The list of people who use booklets or SHOULD be using booklets is endless. Anyone can use a custom booklet printing service, whether it is for personal use, for sale, for education, or for marketing. Our discount color booklet printing is important to any industry because you can customize your information in almost any way you want!

Let's first talk about sizes and shape. Making a portrait booklet or a landscape one? Or maybe you need square options. Pick a basic layout and then compare:




When picking your size and shape, it is important to consider what the topic of your booklet will be. Portrait formats are useful for booklets that companies intend to be read like a magazine, while square booklets are perfect for photos! Meanwhile, landscape-styled booklets tend to be well suited for catalogs or other promotional materials.

Need more ideas for what your booklet design should be? Check out our full color booklet printing blog post called "New To Booklet Design? Here's How to Do It Right!"


 Saddle stitched booklets are single sheets of paper, printed on both sides, collated in page number order, folded in half, stapled on the fold and then the three sides are trimmed down to final sizes. WHEW that is a mouthful. Basically it looks exactly like what you imagine a booklet to be. Saddle stitched booklets are our favorite because they give you a lot using only a little. A single folded sheet of paper gives you a total of four pages! Another great thing about saddle stitching is that the pages stay open and lay flat when flipping through, so it's easier to read!

We recommend them because they are by far our most popular, inexpensive and simple to make. They are also professional and with saddle stitched binding you can make a booklet with up to 96 pages!

Ready to order? Get started on your one of a kind saddle stitched booklet today!

However, we understand that you might have projects that require a higher page count. Don't leave though, because we have options for that too! Perfect bound, spiral, or wire-o binding are available and work well for projects with higher page counts and larger quantities!


PrintingCenterUSA has the solution for any companies' booklet printing service challenges. We specialize in short run printing in quantities of 10 to 1,000 and bulk printing for quantities over 1,000 with vibrant color photos on a top quality premium paper.

Our online color booklet printing company offers affordable prices paired with exceptional quality color printing on all of our full color printing services.

Our digital presses are capable of variable data printing, allowing organizations to create targeted booklets and we also offer in-house mailing options to ensure materials reach consumers.  PrintingCenterUSA has the solution for any companies' booklet printing service challenges, so order today!