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Matt Fey
October 14, 2020

Stepping Towards Independence - PrintingCenterUSA's Fundraising Campaign For Down Syndrome Of Louisville

Committed to making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities, PrintingCenterUSA is again hoping the power of its national customer base can help raise money for Down Syndrome of Louisville.  Beginning on October 12th, PrintingCenterUSA will donate a portion of proceeds from select products to DSL’s Walk On Wheels, this event supports life skills training programs for adults with Down Syndrome.  The fundraising will continue through the month of October.  

The Steps To Independence program hosts weekly life skills training with the ultimate goal to make each participant more independent inside and outside of home. A monthly topic is chosen, and four classes are conducted around that core concept. Each of the four classes cover the chosen topic from one of the four angles, which we refer to as the "4C's". Cooking, Cleaning, Community, and Communication. Using hands-on activities, role playing, group brainstorming, and activities in the real-world setting, participants in this program gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve their lifelong independence.


In April of 2019,  we helped raise funds for Kids Dance Outreach in Indianapolis, which has several programs dedicated to children with Down Syndrome. The success of that campaign inspired us to once again make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities across the nation.

By using the promo codes below when ordering select products online, we will donate up to $100 per order to Down Syndrome of Louisville.

DSL25 — $25 donation to DS of Louisville on Select Orders Over $250

DSL50 — $50 donation to DS of Louisville on Select Orders Over $500

DSL75 — $75 donation to DS of Louisville on Select Orders Over $1,000

DSL100 — $100 donation to DS of Louisville on Select Orders Over $2,000


Down Syndrome of Louisville, Inc. (DSL) is a non-profit organization founded in 1977 by Mary Carter, an early childhood educator who established the first Early Intervention Education program for children with Down syndrome in Kentucky. Their grassroots organization grew with parent support to incorporate in 1991 to offer services for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages.

You can make a donation directly to Down Syndrome of Louisville, here.


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