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Taylor Helfrich
September 12, 2019

6 Tips for Producing Your High School Sports Media Guide


High School Sports Media Guides

If you don’t leave a High School sporting event without a Sports Program or Media Guide, then did you even go? #FOMO

Media Guides are crucial for gaining support, fundraising, and spirit for your local High School sports team. Not only that, but they’re an ideal keepsake for proud moms and game-goers. But how can you maximize your efforts to create a memorable and profitable media guide? We have put together some tips and resources to help you out!

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1. Utilize Our Free Sports Program Templatestemplates

At PrintingCenterUSA, we require a print-ready PDF
of your design files. 
This helps ensure the fastest turnaround time for you.  One of the easiest ways for
you to provide that to us is to download a free program template for your choice of Adobe program. If you
decide to go this route, designing your program is an easy game of plug-and-play!  There are even
template pages that layout your sponsor’s advertisements. 

If you're a pro and don't need a predesigned
template, there are blank template options
in all our our available sizes that come with our
preferred PDF preset and Color Settings. We
also have a user-friendly online design tool
available if you're not quite ready to venture
into the world of Adobe programs.


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2. Seek Out Professional Help

If you don’t have a design program available to use or are really just not confident in your design abilities, don’t be afraid to ask for help! We have organized a team of professional graphic designers to help you just for this reason. This may end up saving you stress, time, and money while ensuring your sports program has an eye-catching design!


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 3. Select High-Quality Images

Nothing draws attention to a sports program more than sharp, action packed photographs. PrintingCenterUSA recommends your image resolution for print be 300 dpi to prevent any fuzziness. So your cell-phone pictures should probably be left on the sidelines. Instead, contact the school’s sports photographer, the yearbook club, or someone with a professional camera and a good eye to capture those intense game shots as well as the team and individual portrait shots. Even if you end up having to pay for the photography, those professional photos will bring in even more media guide sales! And that’s the entire goal here, right?



4. Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors

Contact local businesses to ask if they would like to buy advertisement space. Or, better yet, send out the sports team members to ask local businesses themselves—It’s harder to say no to a kid! These advertisements could end up fully covering the cost of the programs, while simultaneously promoting local economy. Win-win! And again, when collecting the image and logo files for the advertisements, don’t forget the 300 dpi recommended resolution! You want to make sure that you’re representing your team and city as professionally as possible.

MediaGuideBlog_Advertisements-1Like I mentioned before, utilize our free downloadable templates to help with laying out these advertisements. The layouts can also provide your advertisers with a better idea for the sponsorship pricing tiers. How much space are they paying for? Half Page? Quarter Page? Full Page? Be prepared with examples and pre-set prices to help land the sponsorship. And keep track of your sponsors in an excel sheet! You could potentially be forming a partnership that will last for years to come.


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5. Make it Shine!

Paper is yet another important consideration for your High School Media Guide. At PrintingCenterUSA, we typically recommend our premium 100# Gloss Text for both the cover and inside pages as the most high-quality yet cost-effective option. Not only will this ensure that the cover, advertisements and images throughout the entire program will pop, but a glossy paper will also aid in preventing scratches as opposed to a matte paper. However, you may want to give extra consideration as to how the program will be used. Game-goers will most likely be shoving it in their purse, rolling it up, setting it on the bleachers, and really just abusing the program in general. So if you’re looking for extra protection, ordering 80# Gloss Cover with a UV High Gloss Finish (keep the inside paper as 100# Gloss Text) will be beneficial. This UV High Gloss will provide a luxurious feel and appearance to your cover while simultaneously protecting it against inevitable scratching.


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6. Keep it Informative

It’s not just about the images and design…these high school sports programs need to be informative. Be sure to include information that will actually help the fans navigate the season! Consider adding the following to your media guide:

  • Table of ContentsMediaGuideBlog_Roster-1
  • Season’s Game Schedule
  • Next Season’s Game Schedule
  • Nightly Promotions
  • Varsity/Junior Varsity Team Photos
  • Full Roster: Individual players with name, picture, number, and position
  • Meet the Manager/Coach/Coaching Staff: Photos and a letter from each
  • “Meet the Seniors” Page
  • Booster Club, Cheerleading, and Mascot information
  • Action Photos from previous games, practices, and pep rallies
  • Thank You page
  • List of Sponsors
  • School Records


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Don’t let making your High School Media Guides be a daunting task. Have fun with it, and give PrintingCenterUSA a call at 800-995-1555 for any questions you come across!

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