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May 20, 2016

Photography Soccer Wall Calendar Captures The Team's 2017 Memories.

soccer_cover.pngScott Stover is a self-proclaimed, “dad with a camera”. He took up photography a few years ago in order to take better pictures of his son’s sports games. As things progressed he started shooting sports pictures and senior portraits for other students as well. His most recent project was a soccer calendar for Bedford High School. I liked the fun photography and how he captured the personalities of the soccer players so I called him to learn more about the project.

soccer_2-mocked-up.pngInitially we talked about his photography style. He loves taking pictures of people and he really enjoys working with students. Most photographers will use posing and follow certain “photography rules” to get really great pictures but Scott isn’t into that. He wants to bring out the personalities of the kids and have fun! Oftentimes his assistants will help him during a shoot by moving equipment or helping him get just the right shot. If the kids want their picture taken while “surfing the soccer balls” or hanging off the goal post, Scott encourages that. If Scott has to get down in the dirt to get the shot, he is happy to do so. To Scott, it’s all about the kids and having fun.

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Nancy, the president of the Bedford Soccer Booster Club initially contacted him about the calendar project to see if he would help by taking the photography and producing the calendars. She wanted the calendars to be a fundraiser for the students’ soccer program and Scott was happy to help. He started by going online but his usual printing companies don’t normally produce calendars so they weren’t able to meet his budget. When he saw us online he liked our prices and our quick turnaround which was enough for him to give us a try. He was very pleased with the results and the color reproduction in the pictures.

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soccer_open-03.pngScott’s advice for a calendar or any printing project is, “take more pictures than you will need”. By taking a ton of pictures you will have more variety to choose from. If someone’s eyes are closed or some wind blows garbage into the picture you will want to be able to pick and choose which pictures you use. Scott also recommends having fun. When you are trying to get a lot of good pictures to choose from it’s good to keep the mood light and upbeat. If everyone is having fun, you will get more good shots to choose from.

This dad with a camera plans to continue taking pictures and helping out his local schools for many years. He considers all of the students to be “his kids” and they reciprocate with fist bumps and selfies with him. Together they put together an awesome calendar that they used to raise funds for their school and that they can keep as a memento of their time in high school.

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