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Matt Fey
December 04, 2020

Photo Book Maker ﹣Drag, Drop & Print

photo book maker designIt’s free.  It’s easy to use.  And it captures memories and moments to be cherished for years to come.  What might this wonderful object be?  Well that’s obvious, it’s a custom photo book created with a drag and drop photo book maker.  Full of exceptional templates and functionality today we take a look at one of the best photo book makers out there.

Custom photo book making should be enjoyable and care-free.  You don’t want to stress about finding the right fit for your photos on the page or cropping each image to make them fit just right.  That’s the job of the photo book maker.  

How To Make A Photo Book

1. Choose A Book Size and Binding Option

Pick a size and binding option right from the start.  We offer the below sizes and orientations for your softcover books.  

8.5x11” → Portrait

5.5x8.5” → Portrait

6x9” → Portrait

4.25x11” → Portrait

8.5x5.5” → Landscape

9x6” → Landscape

6x6” → Square

8x8” → Square

Orientations Image

Binding options for our free online photo book maker include: saddle stitch and perfect bound options.  *Author’s note: PrintingCenterUSA recommends selecting a perfect bound option as they add that extra flare to your custom photo book.

Learn More: Perfect Binding Information

Learn More: 9 Tips For Book Layout

2. Select A Theme
book themes

Our photo book maker offers dozens of free online themes to choose from that will fit every special memory.  Whether you are creating a wedding photo book, baby book or just a simple timeless photo book, PrintingCenterUSA’s photo book maker is here for you.  No more messing with expensive design tools to showcase your work as the free templates and themes are done right for your custom photo book.

We also offer a blank canvas template that allows you to build your free online photo book from scratch.  

3. Upload Your Photos

Gather your favorite photos and upload them directly online.  You can use photos from Facebook or upload directly from your desktop or mobile device.  Ya, it’s that easy.



Upload Your Photos Now

4. Create, Customize and Spice It Up🌶️ 

There are many customizations available when it comes to PrintingCenterUSA’s photo book maker.  We wanted to give the user the chance to choose from multiple themes while having the opportunity to arrange the pages to how they best see fit.  After all, every photo book is unique.

The enhancement features with our free online photo book maker include:

  • Spice-Up-Photo-BookText- add text boxes where you see fit on your custom photo book while choosing from a variety of font options.
  • Border- some of your photos might seem like they need a little boost...why not add a flashy border to amp up the image?  The photo book maker offers exclusive borders that you can simply drag right to the page.
  • Clipart- plop a sticker on the photo book pages to make them stand out even more.  We have hundreds of themed stickers that make it fun to use on your photo book.  Some of the clipart options are birthday, animals, Christmas, badges and more.
  • Style- this option allows you to take your blank white page to the next level with custom wallpaper styles.
  • Filters- Imagine altering your images directly online after upload.  The photo book maker allows for easy filter options for your pictures.
5. Print

You uploaded images and made a unique photo book with an easy to use photo book maker...now what?  Print the book!  PrintingCenterUSA free online book maker makes it easy to add your photo book to your cart and print all in the same day.  Once you add your photo book to the cart from the photo book maker, you can then select your paper types, shipping options, quantity and more. It’s truly as easy as drag, drop and print.

Share your photo book with your friends and family.  Use your custom photo book as a gift, heirloom or story teller.  Create a photo book today.

Create A Photo Book

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