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4 Greeting Card Tips For Businesses

Fri, Mar 16, 2018 @ 02:02 PM Anthony Tanguma 1 online marketing Greeting Cards

4 Greeting Card Tips for Businesses

Travel Greeting CardOrdering greeting card printing is quick and simple with PrintingCenterUSA. Print amazing personal greeting cards, corporate greeting cards, special announcement cards, and thank you notes with our full color printing services. We print a variety of stylish cards at low prices with easy online pricing, ordering,and proofing. Receive an instant quote online for your full color greeting card print orders for a variety of options. The standard greeting card size is 5 x 7 on our durable 12 PT gloss cover and 80# uncoated cover stock for our digital paper selection and 12 PT gloss cover, 12pt c1s and 100# uncoated cover on our printing press. Include scoring and folding in your order for the greeting card style you need. Want to touch and feel these papers? Request a free sample packet today! Check out our four greeting card tips below to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck!

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1. Have an Eye-Catching, Brand Related Image

Business Greeting Card Example

When it comes to staying in touch with both existing clients and reaching out to prospective customers, there are only a few mediums that serve that purpose better than greeting cards. However, just because printed greeting cards tend to be used for casual communications, that doesn't mean that brands should put minimal effort into their designs. There are a number of factors that entrepreneurs should consider when it comes to designing. First and foremost, the cover should be instantly recognizable to the recipient - if they can't tell who it's from right off the bat, then you are missing a chance to reinforce your brand. Next, you should look to make the inside message as personal as possible. Be as creative as you want with your greeting cards; let them reflect your personal or company’s style. Be humorous, professional, or relaxed. Just make sure that your greeting card represent you. Don’t neglect the power of the note card in your marketing and advertising efforts. A note card is a quick and simple way to contact your prospects or customers. But don’t stop there note cards are also great to have on hand for other uses in your business. 

2. Incorporate Greeting Cards Into Your Fundraising Efforts

Our online greeting cards are easy, fast and affordable, ensuring any company - big or small - that they can fit their greeting cards into their budgets. Many non-profits have had success with sending greeting cards to former donors to help fundraise for their next event. By sending greeting cards to those donors it reminds them to check in with your company or foundation on upcoming events and how they can stay involved.

3. Add UV Coating to Give Your Card That High Quality Look & FeelGreeting Card Example.png

UV coated note cards are an affordable way to get a high gloss, shiny finish for your greeting cards. The coated finish is only pennies more per piece and makes the cards more durable. When you order cheap greeting cards from PrintingCenterUSA, you are ordering from a premier greeting card printer. Our custom printing will give you the highest quality results that you’re searching for. Entrepreneurs should consider printing their cards in full color, rather than black and white. This can help boost brand recall and enhance the appeal of the greeting cards. We offer highly competitive prices for orders up to 10,000 greeting cards and our in-house mailing center can expedite the mailing process.

4. Give Your Greeting Card a Personality

Greeting cards are a common tradition for business and personal use. Personalized cards are a popular way to say thank you, set up a meeting, or to just send a friendly message. Greeting cards are a fun way to keep in contact with friends, family or customers without sending a direct marketing piece. Whether you need holiday cards or a generic greeting card, make sure you send it in style and to keep personable.

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The Key to a Successful Newsletter

Mon, Jan 8, 2018 @ 12:08 PM Anthony Tanguma 0

Looking for a new way to develop a relationship with your customers along with educating them about your company, products, and services? Online newsletters help you become a credible source of information and build trust, which in turn gains loyal customers who look forward to reading your next issue. Build awareness and demonstrate your expertise with printed newsletters. Now you can learn how to provide value-added information for your customers with every issue. 

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Planning Ahead For Success

  1. Who is your audience? Remember your newsletter is not for everyone. Know your target audience and direct your articles and writing directly to them.
  2. Be recognizable! Make your newsletter look and sound like your organization. This will build your brand image and help increase recognition. Include logos, slogans, and professional images that demonstrate who you are. If you need help, we offer free templates with 35+ layout options so you can jumpstart your newsletter design today!newsletter_graphic_1.png
  3. Get a schedule and stick with it. Consistency is important whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly, keep it on track, even down to the day of the month it is sent out. This will make you reliable and your customers will start anticipating your newsletter.
  4. Keep your eye on the future. Generate story ideas ahead of time that correspond to seasonal events, sales, and product launches. Have a few months of stories completed ahead of time, this allows for extra time for proofing, layout, and story development.
  5. Know your production time. Each issue goes through a series of steps from the initial concept to shipping, know the amount of time necessary and plan accordingly. Don’t forget time for writing, editing, layout, proofing, printing, addressing, and mailing - this can take longer then you think.
  6. Give your newsletter printing a catchy name that easily identifies your company and sets the tone for your newsletter.

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Writing and Design Tips

  • Create content that will keep them reading.  Devise content-rich stories for your audience packed with concrete information. 

  • newsletter_graphic_2.png

    Research your stories and be credible, add links to useful websites, include how-to articles, tips, help to solve problems, and offer suggestions and advice. Involve your readers, include surveys or request a response. The more engaging and useful your articles the more your customers will read.

  • Your first impression: The Headline. Most people make their decision to read an article based on the headline, bait them into your article with a tempting headline.

  • Have simple, active, and clear writing. Write simple and clear articles and eliminate wordiness, make your writing concise. Find short, useful stories and create articles based off them.

  • Take extra time to proof. Two people proofing is better then one. Look for spelling, clarity, correctness, and simplicity. TIP: After writing an article, wait a day or two before proofing, this gives you a fresh perspective.

  • Include a clean, simple, and organized design. Create a professional look that is consistent in every issue. Don’t pack too much into one issue, use white space, and use appropriate pictures and images.

  • Incorporate graphs, diagrams, and charts when appropriate. Eliminate wordiness by using a picture image that demonstrates your concept.

  • Don't forget to check your design for printability using our online pdf file checklist. It gives you all the information needed to get your specifications correct the first time, saving you time and money!

There are many advantages to using professional, affordable newsletters - from building credibility and trust to guiding customers to your website. A successful newsletter is a valuable marketing tool that is a discrete advertisement for your company. 

Additional Mailing Options

Take advantage of the newsletter mailing services offered by PrintingCenterUSA. We can ship your newsletters directly to your customer base which helps you save on shipping costs and gets your online newsletter printing out faster.

  • Addresses need to be in an Excel file, text tab, or comma delimited file.
  • Must have a clear area of 3.75" x 1.75" for addressing and barcodes.
  • Postage has to be paid in advance before the mail can be released to the post office.
  • Postage paid on credit card includes a fee for credit card processing.
  • Use PrintingCenterUSA’s permits, no need for you to get one.

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Choosing the Perfect Paper for Your Next Print Project

Tue, Jan 2, 2018 @ 10:02 AM Emily Hendrickson 0

Choosing the Perfect Paper for Your Next Online Print Project

An important factor in printing is the types of print paper. We offer a variety of papers, some thick and others thin. Some glossy and some matte. How do you decide which paper to use? First, let's get technical. There are some terms that will help you to understand the different paper options for online printing available.

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Cover Paper vs. Text Paper

A cover weight paper is going to be thick, similar in feel to cardstock. Text weight papers are thinner, more similar to catalog and magazine paper. A paper for printing labeled "cover" is always going to be thicker than a "text" paper. For example, 100# Gloss Cover is going to be much thicker than 100# Gloss Text. You can also tell the difference in thickness by checking the "point" or "pt" thickness. For example, a 100# Gloss Cover is 9pt while a 100# Gloss Text is 5pt. If you had an instrument called a micrometer you could measure the paper thickness yourself.

You can use a cover weight or a text weight as the cover paper for your booklet project. You are not required to use a cover weight as the cover paper. For example, the 100# gloss text can be a nice cover option for projects like catalogs, programs and magazines.

Request a Custom Quote: Get Started

Gloss, Matte, Uncoated, & UV Coated Paper

Gloss vs. Matte
Gloss paper is shiny and is very popular for most print projects. Matte paper has a "flat" look to it. It doesn't shine and reflect light the same way that gloss paper does.

Gloss Paper Versus Matte Paper

UV Coating
UV is short for Ultra Violet coating. This is a shiny gloss coating applied over printed cover weight paper to make photos and colors pop to catch your customer’s attention and to protect against scratching and frequent handling. UV coating is recommended for extra protection on the cover of your project. UV coating is not recommended when you need to write on the coated area.

Uncoated Paper
This paper is similar to the paper you would put in a home printer because it is uncoated. It is easy to write on and would be used in a project such as a journal or coloring book. 

Instant Booklet Pricing: Get Started

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Recommended Paper Types

Below I am going to recommend different papers for different types of projects. These are simply suggestions; your project may or may not fit into these recommendations. I would also highly recommend requesting a free sample packet from us. When you request a sample packet, we send you our Paper Sample Guide. It's a small booklet that has an example of all of our different papers in it so you can see and feel the weights of each. 

Online Brochure Printing example

File Checklist

Paper Recommendations by Product:

  • Brochures - 100# Gloss Text
  • Business Cards - 14pt Gloss Cover
  • Calendars - 80# Gloss Cover for the cover paper (with a UV high gloss cover finish for extra "Pop!") and 100# Gloss Text for the inside pages
  • Door Hangers - 12pt Gloss Cover
  • EDDM - 100# Gloss Cover
  • Flyers - 100# Gloss Text
  • Greeting Cards - 12pt C1S (C1S means Coated One Side. The outside of the card is coated so that it has a nice finish but the inside is uncoated so that you can easily write in it)
  • Newsletters - 100# Gloss Text
  • Posters - 100# Gloss Text
  • Presentation Folders - 100# Gloss Cover with UV Coating added to it
  • Rack Cards - 14pt Gloss Cover

Of course, if you have any questions about the type of paper to use feel free to call us at 800-995-1555 or request your free sample packet so you can see and feel these different papers.

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Cover Paper Options

80# Gloss Cover Cardstock 
Coated gloss paper about twice as thick as 80# text giving it a more substantial and sturdy feel (thickness of a printed postcard or baseball card). It has a smooth gloss finish similar to that of a glossy photograph making photographs stand out and look rich and beautiful. This stiff, shiny and lustrous coated sheet is the preferred substrate for printed booklet covers. Special characteristics include dimensional stability, good folding qualities, and durability. Well-suited for scoring and die-cutting.

80# Matte Cover Cardstock (similar characteristics as 80# Gloss Cover)
Dull coated sheet that exhibits low gloss finish. Excellent for jobs that require high quality color reproduction with minimal paper gloss. Great when there is a lot of typed copy making it easier to read. It is superior to that of uncoated papers yet paper is glare free.

Square Online Booklet Printing example

100# Gloss Text
Our most popular option and best value. It is about 25% more bulk being thicker and heavier with a sturdy and higher end feel than 80# text. This shiny and lustrous coated sheet is excellent for full color printing. Photographs stand out and look rich and beautiful.

Perfect Bound Printing: Learn More
Saddle Stitch Bound Printing: Learn More

100# Matte Text (has the same characteristics as 100# gloss text)
Dull coated sheet that exhibits low gloss finish. Excellent for jobs that require high quality color reproduction with minimal paper gloss. Great when there is a lot of typed copy making it easier to read. It is superior to that of uncoated papers yet paper is glare free.

100# Gloss Cover Cardstock
It has the same characteristics and uses as 80# gloss cover but is about 25% more bulk being thicker and heavier, similar to a medium weight card stock.

100# Matte Cover Cardstock
It has the same characteristics and uses as 80# matte cover but is about 25% more bulk being thicker and heavier, similar to a medium weight card stock.

Brochure Printing Services

80# Opaque Cover
Also known as un-coated, this paper is commonly used anytime you are expecting to write in the piece itself.

Binding Options

Inside Paper

100# Gloss Text
Our most popular option and best value. It is about 25% more bulk being thicker and heavier with a sturdy and higher end feel than 80# text. This shiny and lustrous coated sheet is excellent for full color printing. Photographs stand out and look rich and beautiful.

100# Matte Text (has similar characteristics as 100# Gloss Text)
Dull coated sheet that exhibits low gloss finish. Excellent for jobs that require high quality color reproduction with minimal paper gloss. Great when there is a lot of typed copy making it easier to read. It is superior to that of uncoated papers yet paper is glare free.

Online Magazine Printing example

70# Opaque Text
Also known as un-coated, this paper is commonly used anytime you are expecting to write in the piece itself. Match this up with an uncoated cover to give the entire project an un-coated look and feel.

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Quick Postcard Printing & Mailing Tips

Thu, Dec 21, 2017 @ 01:15 PM Kevin Evans 0 printing online Postcards Mailer


Here is a quick guide on how to start any online postcard printing & mailing campaign. Utilize some of the direct mail strategies discussed below and you will increase the ROI on your next marketing campaign.

1. Identify Who You Are & Who You're Targeting

Before spending your postcard marketing money, realize who it is you are targeting for new business. For many businesses, there are certain demographics that tend to do business with you. First, find out and identify what type of customer you like doing business with. Second, find out what demographics like doing business with you. When you have that information, you can design your postcard to specifically target those demographics. Also, you can purchase a mailing list specific to your needs as well.

Our Recommendation: Find out what type of customer you like doing business with, and what type of customer likes doing business with you. 

Mailing Services

2. Results Matter

Postcard-Graphic2-500x500.pngMany times people look for the least expensive way to get their message into their customers' hands, without really understanding how that message resonates with that person. Trying to get your costs down by a few pennies per piece doing the smallest available mailer, in most cases is actually more expensive when you look at your return. Small postcards get buried among larger mail pieces and often times are discarded without even a glance from the recipient.

Our Recommendation: Distribute your marketing budget over several campaigns. Change the size, change the offers and make each piece unique. Use the one with the best results, and separate that into a few different options and repeat the process.

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3. Use What You Already Have

Postcard-Graphic3-500x500 copy.png

Sometimes people don't know what offers to put on their postcards. Sometimes they are unsure how the customer or prospect will react to an offer. That can only be found through experience, and from trial and error. Keep one thing in mind, promote what you are already doing. If you give free estimates, let them know. If you are a landscaping company that mows lawns, and with the lawn being mowed you also edge the grass for free, say it. Just think about all the perks you are already giving your current customers on a daily basis, and focus on them first. If your current customers like it, your prospects will too.

Our Recommendation: List all the perks you already give to your current customers and focus on them.  For new offers, test, make adjustments, test, and make adjustments.

EDDM Printing

4. Don't Be Cheap On the Design


It's amazing how much of a difference it makes to your return by simply letting a professional graphic designer put together artwork in a way that is up to date and catches people's attention. You may get cheap postcard printing using our website, but the design needs to be high resolution and eye-catching to get a return. Many times people try to do it themselves using a sub grade program to do so, and what you end up with is what most people would call junk mail. For a low price, your artwork can be created by a professional and will help keep your message from going into the recycling bin.

Our Recommendation: The money you will spend to have a professional design your piece will be very little cost compared to the increased return you get for your campaign. 

Free Templates      Find a Designer 

5. To Sell or Not to Sell, That Is the Question

For most people, the immediate instinct is to have offers on their mailer and watch the orders come in. For more sophisticated marketers, they realize the job of the mailer may not be to sell product, but it may be used to identify a prospect for future business.

Our Recommendation: Add a call-to-action to your postcard that gets the prospect to go to your website, visit your store or follow up with your company. For example, you can have an offer on your postcard, but send them to your website to claim the prize.

Here at PrintingCenterUSA we offer high quality, nationwide postcard printing and mailing services at affordable prices, on time, every time. If you want vibrant color photos, fast and easy ordering, great customer service and a satisfaction guarantee, click the button below to print your postcards online or give us a call at 800-995-1555!

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School Calendar Printing for Fundraisers

Tue, Dec 12, 2017 @ 01:56 PM Aaron Rains 0 printing Calendar School Calendar Design Tips

Fundraising Calendars for Schools

This economic recession has forced many educational institutions to drop programs, cancel clubs, and cut back. If schools are willing to make the effort, they can develop extremely profitable fundraising programs for their students to help support these programs and give the students a great life learning experience. Many school organizations are using school calendar printing for fundraising purposes.

At PrintingCenterUSA, our purpose is to show you how fundraising calendars can be put together with no upfront money and can help your school support their extracurricular activities and ensure that parents and community members know what is happening with their local schools. Many schools have had great success in obtaining sponsors to support the cost of printing their calendars before they go to press, thus enabling the students to focus on the sales of the finished calendar and realize a larger profit without worrying about how it is going to be paid for.

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1. Students Are Your Most Powerful Selling Tool

Marching Band Custom Fundraising Calendar

Students are what it is all about and proof that the money from the ad sales is going to a good cause. The students can sell the advertising to sponsors to prepay for the calendars, thus ensuring a profit. Don’t procrastinate, take time to teach your students how to sell an ad and make sure businesses know:

  • What school they are supporting.

  • What the money will be used for.

  • When calendar distribution begins and ends.

  • The size of ads and what they cost.

  • Where the ad will be placed.

  • Spread the enthusiasm to your students, parents, families, friends and sponsors!

Students can easily sell the finished custom calendars at school events, to parents, relatives, friends, and supporters of the school. The school book store and business’ doing the advertising can also sell the finished calendars. The calendars can be pre-sold as well. 

Free Calendar Templates     Custom Calendar White Paper     Online Design Tool

2. Determine Your Target Audience

High School Fundraising Calendar

Local Businesses: Local hangouts, credit unions, auto shops, insurance agencies, pet supply retailers,shops, convenience stores, doctors, fitness centers, grocery stores, photography studios, realtors, restaurants, parents' businesses, anywhere students and parents frequent and shop.

Large Corporations:  Such as Sprint, Verizon, Fast Food franchises, McDonalds, Burger King, Coca Cola, Pepsi, pet supply stores, State Farm Insurance, banks, sporting good stores. Use your imagination. What business’ would benefit from the exposure in your calendar? 

Learn How to Use Our Calendar Templates in Photoshop

3. Increase ROI With Advertising

Soccer Fundraising Calendar

Now that you know who your target audience is, you need to show them how advertising in your promotional calendars is going to benefit them and you. Key points that businesses are looking for in advertising include: 

  • Gaining additional exposure to a large lucrative market (parents and students)
  • Gaining positive publicity by supporting your school and the community

  • Relatively inexpensive advertisement space compared to advertising in a newspaper

  • It is a tax deductible donation

Nothing will beat taking time to personally call on your local business’es. Don't forget to keep a list of your sponsors so you know who to contact for next year's calendar. Need help designing your calendar? Check out our calendar design resources to help jump start your next school calendar project! If you have any questions or need help getting started, give our customer service representatives a call at 800-995-1555.

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