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Amanda Schauer
May 19, 2021

Now is the Time to Print a Catalog or Booklet

Header-Apr-02-2021-08-55-58-03-PMNow is the Best Time to Print a Catalog or Booklet.

Why is that you may ask? This is because the tradeshow and event economy is starting to pick back up now that that county is getting immunized against the coronavirus. More events and conventions means that businesses are going to need some print marketing materials to give to prospective clients and customers. That is where catalogs and booklets come in. 


Why Should I Print a Catalog or Booklet?

You may underestimate the importance of including a catalog or booklet in your marketing strategy. After all, it is a digital age, so what is the value in physical media anymore? The fact of the matter is that print is leaving a more lasting impression in people’s minds because of the oversaturated digital marketing that everyone experiences. Harvard Business Review found that catalogs can increase the ‘vividness’ of a product. Harvard Business Review defined ‘vividness’ as the ability for the consumer to picture using the product in their own life. In a 2020 study, they found that “Catalogs can increase the vividness of a product. Vividness is highly influential in customer behavior as it can increase consumer involvement and joy in the purchasing process.” 



Not only are there numerous phycological impacts that physical marketing can have on customers, it has been proven that businesses that invest in their print marketing see a positive correlationO to an increase in their sales, inquiries, and response rates.  A study by the DMA found that “response rates from catalogs have increased by 170% from 2003 to 2018”. For more information on the benefits of printing a catalog or booklet, see our blog post Catalogs are a Marketing Gold Mine.


What Catalogs or Booklets Can Be Used For

If your business is planning on making an appearance at any event in the next couple of years, you would be missing a huge opportunity if you do not have some significant marketing materials with you. Although your first thought may be to stock up on business cards and brochures (and these are important), you should also consider creating a more in-depth booklet that can provide a comprehensive dive into your products and services. For more information on what print marketing materials you will need for an event, see our blog post: Ideas for Trade Show & Conference Print Marketing.


Catalogs are used by businesses to show prospective clients and customers the wide range of products that your business can offer. They often include high-quality images to accompany in-depth descriptions and specifications. Booklets can be used to talk about the company’s history, as a portfolio of your company’s best work, or simply as a more in-depth sell sheet to give to customers.


Our Recommended Printing Specifications for Catalogs and Booklets

Binding: We recommend choosing Saddle Stitch for printing most catalogs or booklets that are under 90 pages because these books will lay flat. If your booklet or catalog is more than 90 pages thick, we recommend Perfect Bound.

Ink: No debate about this; full color cover and insides will make your images pop and keep customers coming back for more.

Paper: We recommend using 80# Gloss Cover and Text for a high-quality but low-cost paper option.

Coating: Adding a UV Coating will add an extra shine to your cover. Adding a Soft Touch Laminate will give your cover a matte and velvety smooth finish. Both are great options for adding extra durability and protection. This is essential if you are planning to mail your catalogs or booklets.

File Type: We accept print-ready PDF files or you can use our FREE online design tool

For more helpful tips and tricks on designing your catalog or booklet, see our blog post Catalog Design Tips that Sell.


Well, what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself all of the benefits that a catalog or booklet has to offer to your business.

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