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Matt Fey
April 21, 2021

Non-Profit Printing Solutions That Work: Start Raising Awareness for Your Organization

For charities and nonprofit organizations, print materials can be one of the most effective ways to reach donors, raise funds and generate awareness for their campaigns. PrintingCenterUSA offers a variety of print solutions dedicated to nonprofits, ranging from color brochures to promotional calendars.


Mailing Options 

When it comes to reaching new donors, nonprofits traditionally find excellent success using targeted mailing lists. Today there is so many emails and digital footprints that non-profits can breakthrough using mailing lists to extend their reach.  According to an article in The NonProfit Times, “Donors say that they are slightly more likely to read a piece of direct mail from an organization than an email,” (The NonProfit Times, 2017).


Printed mailers also do a better job of creating emotional connections with potential donors which could be attributed to the tactile nature of the product.  Some of the best options when it comes to mailing pieces are postcards and brochures.  Postcard come in a variety of sizes from the standard 4”x6” to jumbo postcards, like 6x9, which can often lead to higher response rates.

For low-budget campaigns, charities may want to consider mailing postcards to prospects. Otherwise, they may want to consider using full color brochures. Nonprofits should also remember to include an envelope with their mailing package to encourage recipients to donate.



One of our favorite products for non-profits when it comes to marketing and building a long-lasting connection with donors are calendars.  Printing calendars is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly. Charities can then sell the calendars, providing donors with long-lasting value for their contributions. 


Many organizations have had great success in obtaining sponsors to support the upfront cost of printing their calendars before they go to press. Having upfront sponsors also adds extra profits from calendar sales, thus enabling your school or organization to focus on designing and selling your fundraising calendar.  Check out our extensive blog on Fundraising Calendars here for more information!


Greeting Cards

Want to connect and thank your donors for supporting your cause?  Consider printing custom greeting cards with your non-profit or charity’s logo for a lasting impression.  Greeting cards come in a variety of sizes and people love receiving handwritten greeting cards!


Does your non-profit have multiple greeting card designs you want to print? You can order as many versions or lots as you want! Just select the number of lots/versions in the pricing tool and upload your print-ready files in checkout. We require a minimum of 25 quantity total for your order. Order flat or folded.  This unique option allows your non-profit to keep costs down while printing a number of designs. Those designs might be “Thank you” cards, “Holiday” cards, or “Photography” cards that add another touchpoint with your prospects or donors.



Do you have a fundraising event coming up? Then you will need a printed program in order for your event to run smoothly! Be sure to include an introduction, printed schedule and a description of your cause and non-profit organization. 


Don’t have the funds to print a program? Try advertising throughout your program. Selling advertising within your event program is a great way to help cover the cost of the program and make you money. Not only are you creating beneficial program, you become a prime source of advertising space that sponsors and advocates are going to want to take advantage of. Try offering different sizes of ads (full page, half page, business card size, etc.) to local businesses and supporters and don’t forget to add a list of your sponsors!


Books and Booklets

In our present day’s fast-paced, oversaturated marketing environment, people are always searching for trustworthy information. Printed booklets and books are successful and affordable ways to reach your audience. Many non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, event marketers, and tourism industry professionals rely on booklets for success in educating, gaining awareness, advertising and marketing. 

Booklets can help to:

  • Spread awareness about your organization or cause.
  • Become a known expert in your field.
  • Inform potential advocates about your organization.
  • Demonstrate your organization’s benefits, goals and solutions.


Cost-Effective, Budget Friendly

PrintingCenterUSA knows that your non-profit has a tight budget and needs to reach the right people with a variety of marketing materials in order to reach certain fundraising goals.  With that in mind don’t be afraid to promote your non-profit with printed products that have a lasting shelf life and in turn the opportunity to build more income for your non-profit.

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