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February 25, 2016

My Take On The Coloring Book Craze

mandala.jpgColoring books have been a growing trend since 2010 and they really spiked in popularity last year. We are a printing company capable of printing these booklets so I decided to look further into the trend to learn more.

The first thing I did was go out and purchase a few. At the store I was impressed with the variety available. Some books focused on patterns and mandalas, which are very geometric. Others focused on a theme like birds, or animals, or flowers. The most interesting coloring book I saw was an anatomy and physiology coloring book. The pages look like medical diagrams with all of the different body parts labeled and outlined. Who knew that coloring could also be a way to study?

From a printing perspective I found it interesting that most of the booklets were perfect bound. Perfect binding is a glued binding style used mostly for book printing. This binding style is nice because you can get a lot of additional pages in the book. Personally I don't like it because I find that the gutter (the crack where the inside pages meet) can be difficult to color in when there is a very high page count. Some of the booklets were saddle-stitched which I think works really well for this type of project. This binding allows the pages to lay more flat when the booklet is open. Only one of the coloring books was bound with a spiral binding which I would find ideal for a coloring book. With a spiral binding there is no gutter to deal with and the book lays completely flat.

After making my purchases I went home and started to research the trend. I discovered one reason for the trend's growing popularity is the association with stress relief. People aren't just buying these books because they want to be more creative. They are buying the booklets because studies are showing that coloring can be relaxing and help you feel better. 

IMG_20160225_1444251.jpgTo be honest, I psyched myself out when I actually went to start coloring. After seeing some of the beautiful colored pages online I started to worry that I would pick the wrong color combinations or something. Then I sat back and started thinking, "this is supposed to be relaxing. Why in the world am I worried?" So I started to color and after a while I got into it. I did feel calmer and less worried, mostly because I was so focused on what I was coloring. 

I think the coloring book trend is kind of awesome. Once I got past my own insecurities and just started coloring it was really fun. If you aren't afraid of trying something new and different I would highly recommend this to pass the time! 

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