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January 08, 2018

The Key to a Successful Newsletter


Looking for a new way to develop a relationship with your customers along with educating them about your company, products, and services? Online newsletters help you become a credible source of information and build trust, which in turn gains loyal customers who look forward to reading your next issue. Build awareness and demonstrate your expertise with printed newsletters. Now you can learn how to provide value-added information for your customers with every issue. 

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Planning Ahead For Success

  1. Who is your audience? Remember your newsletter is not for everyone. Know your target audience and direct your articles and writing directly to them.
  2. Be recognizable! Make your newsletter look and sound like your organization. This will build your brand image and help increase recognition. Include logos, slogans, and professional images that demonstrate who you are. If you need help, we offer free templates with 35+ layout options so you can jumpstart your newsletter design today!newsletter_graphic_1.png
  3. Get a schedule and stick with it. Consistency is important whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly, keep it on track, even down to the day of the month it is sent out. This will make you reliable and your customers will start anticipating your newsletter.
  4. Keep your eye on the future. Generate story ideas ahead of time that correspond to seasonal events, sales, and product launches. Have a few months of stories completed ahead of time, this allows for extra time for proofing, layout, and story development.
  5. Know your production time. Each issue goes through a series of steps from the initial concept to shipping, know the amount of time necessary and plan accordingly. Don’t forget time for writing, editing, layout, proofing, printing, addressing, and mailing - this can take longer then you think.
  6. Give your newsletter printing a catchy name that easily identifies your company and sets the tone for your newsletter.

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Writing and Design Tips

  • Create content that will keep them reading.  Devise content-rich stories for your audience packed with concrete information. 

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    Research your stories and be credible, add links to useful websites, include how-to articles, tips, help to solve problems, and offer suggestions and advice. Involve your readers, include surveys or request a response. The more engaging and useful your articles the more your customers will read.

  • Your first impression: The Headline. Most people make their decision to read an article based on the headline, bait them into your article with a tempting headline.

  • Have simple, active, and clear writing. Write simple and clear articles and eliminate wordiness, make your writing concise. Find short, useful stories and create articles based off them.

  • Take extra time to proof. Two people proofing is better then one. Look for spelling, clarity, correctness, and simplicity. TIP: After writing an article, wait a day or two before proofing, this gives you a fresh perspective.

  • Include a clean, simple, and organized design. Create a professional look that is consistent in every issue. Don’t pack too much into one issue, use white space, and use appropriate pictures and images.

  • Incorporate graphs, diagrams, and charts when appropriate. Eliminate wordiness by using a picture image that demonstrates your concept.

  • Don't forget to check your design for printability using our online pdf file checklist. It gives you all the information needed to get your specifications correct the first time, saving you time and money!

There are many advantages to using professional, affordable newsletters - from building credibility and trust to guiding customers to your website. A successful newsletter is a valuable marketing tool that is a discrete advertisement for your company. 

Additional Mailing Options

Take advantage of the newsletter mailing services offered by PrintingCenterUSA. We can ship your newsletters directly to your customer base which helps you save on shipping costs and gets your online newsletter printing out faster.

  • Addresses need to be in an Excel file, text tab, or comma delimited file.
  • Must have a clear area of 3.75" x 1.75" for addressing and barcodes.
  • Postage has to be paid in advance before the mail can be released to the post office.
  • Postage paid on credit card includes a fee for credit card processing.
  • Use PrintingCenterUSA’s permits, no need for you to get one.

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