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Reed Schick
September 26, 2019

Inside the Making of "Summer Scent" Photobook

Photobook_03_resizeGrowing up, my mother would mail photographs to all of my relatives from disposable cameras and that was my first encounter with images. Memory and photographs have always played off one another since I can remember and as a photographer I have always wanted to print a book. All of my favorite photographs from other artists can be found on coffee tables or shelves in books printed by talented artists. There is something special about being able to experience an image with your hands and that is how I came up with the concept for Summer Scent.

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Photo Book Printing Perfect Bound Book Printing

Summer Scent is about going with my instincts and what I feel instead of what I think. There are a lot of people who tell others what their standard of a “good” photograph is, but sometimes a good photograph is not good moment. I wanted to get out of my head and other peoples’ opinions to just make something from scratch. I bought a bunch of Fujifilm 35mm disposable cameras and just started documenting what was going on around me during my last year of college.


I learned photography on film, and love how each photograph requires an intentionality and patience. Disposable cameras are unique because when a photograph is taken, you have no control over what setting is being used. Life moves quickly and moments are quickly fading. Feelings are messy, take up time, and require something of us. Disposable cameras were the perfect tools to make photographs with for Summer Scent because they embody everything I was trying to capture in a medium.


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In order to make the book something special and more than regular photobook, I worked with my friend and artist Tori Vintzel on layout and design of the book. She has a way of beautifully pairing photography with color and was able to bring a fresh perspective on a project I had spent months staring at. It was a dream getting to work with Tori and I love how our styles blended into what became the final design of Summer Scent. We were able to work on InDesign and upload the book straight into PrintingCenterUSA for a proof copy and final printing.

PrintingCenterUSA was extremely helpful throughout the process and took the time to walk me through every step that would be necessary in making sure the book printed correctly. I was able to print with a matte finish and true colors of the photographs, as well as customize a lot of other areas in the book. The staff were always available to chat on the phone and were very responses to any questions I had via email. 


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Looking through Summer Scent and seeing how others experience the book has really showed me the importance of print and how it adds to the overall concept of the project. People can physically feel the photographs and spend time on them instead of just scrolling through something on social media. Every page of Summer Scent previews snapshots from my brain and connects the viewer with experiences from my life. It has been amazing to watch so many people sit down and flip through the pages of my feelings, friends, and memories.


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Project Specifications

80 pages

8.5x11 softcover

perfect binding

full color

hand signed and numbered. edition of 100

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