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May 23, 2017

Impressive Magazines Help Photographer Win Business


Brooke Mendenhall, owner of Brooke Mendenhall Photography, recently ordered magazines from us to promote her photography business. “The magazines are amazing and have paid for themselves because they REALLY impress clients,” she says. Oftentimes, her clients try to give the magazines back because they assume that they must have been quite expensive to produce. Brooke loves to tell them that they can keep the magazines. At less than $2.00 a piece, Brooke says, “it’s the best marketing investment that I have ever made.”

Brooke started doing photography as a hobby and as more and more people reached out to her to do their portraits, she decided to make it a business and start charging for her services. Thanks to her background in marketing, she knew that one of the best ways to expand her business would be to do something that sets her apart from other photographers in the area.  In addition, she often meets clients at business’ such as Starbucks and wants to ensure that her clients see a quality example of what she can produce. The magazine was a great way to accomplish both goals. The high-quality look shows how professional she is and that helps her win bids. As her business continues to grow she hopes (and is currently looking at) purchasing a studio space to work from.

The Design

example-pages_600x1202.pngWe love the look of her magazine. The main colors used throughout are a soft pink, grey and black. She uses the grey and black to keep the look sophisticated, and to tone down the pink color. She doesn’t want to alienate potential customers by having the colors too feminine. The strong contrast of black and pink combined with the repeated diamond shape gives the magazine a strong and dynamic look that makes an impact.

She based the design on an Adobe Photoshop template that she had from another project and plans to use the same look for all her business products and website, which helps with brand awareness. When designing her magazine, Brooke made each page individually and then made a flipbook to get an idea of how the final project would come together. Brooke intentionally did not include any pricing in her design because she might have these books for several months and her pricing may change within that time.

Brooke was very nervous about printing with us because our prices are very low. She was worried that the quality would look bad and that the colors would be wrong. When she received the order she had to hold back tears…because they turned out so wonderfully. The colors were spot on and the paper had a beautiful shine. The magazines far exceeded her expectations.

Having a high-quality, professional magazine to show clients has helped Brooke expand her business. She can show the variety of work that she does and because the price is so great, she can literally give the magazines away. This helps her get even more clients because her customers can share the magazine with their friends, leading to a great referral program. Brooke loves the magazines and plans to order more in the future. Check out Brooke's website here.

Update: Thanks to the success of her magazines, Brooke has purchased her studio space which she plans to open in a few months.

If you're interested in creating an eye-catching magazine through PrintingCenterUSA, visit our website to get started today and check out our magazine ideas and examples for some design inspiration!

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