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Amanda Schauer
March 24, 2021

Ideas for Trade Show & Conference Print Marketing

Header-Mar-09-2021-10-56-12-89-PMNow that the nation is recovering from the effects of Covid-19, trade shows and conferences are being rescheduled and businesses are eager to make up for lost time. If you were planning on attending any conferences, whether just as a guest or if you are going to have a booth, there are some print marketing materials that you need to be prepared with.


But first, what is so important about print marketing materials? Not only are they a fast an easy way to give people information about your business, but they can also show off your brand style, professionalism, and (let’s be honest) people like free stuff at conferences. And that free stuff may as well have your logo on it. But in all seriousness, people react well to print marketing because print marketing makes a business look more trustworthy, it leaves a longer impression in a customer’s mind, and it is something that customers can reference back to for as long as they have the printed material. For more information about the benefits of print marketing, see our blog post Catalogs are a Marketing Gold Mine.


Ideas for Trade Show / Conference Marketing

Having a Booth at a Conference

If you are going to the conference to have a booth or give a presentation to people about what benefits your business can offer the world, there are a couple of things that you can do to, not only generate new leads, but look as prepared as possible.


Firstly, before going to the conference you want to design and order all of the materials that you are going to need for your booth. This could include brochures, catalogs, business cards, promotional calendars, or booklets. You will definitely want some kind of printed material that will give interested parties information about what your business has to offer: what services/ products you sell, a little background information about the business, and information about your mission.



Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the conference to get all of your materials ready so that you aren’t in a rush. It’s really important to make sure that this material is correct and professional-looking. A professionally printed pamphlet or catalog can make you stand out from the competition, but a sloppy and low-res product will make your business look amateur. (See the difference between a photo with 300DPI and a photo with 72DPI. Which do you prefer?)


If the conference allows it, as another business owner in the same industry (who is not a direct competitor) if they are interested in sharing a large corner booth. This can help you get a more prestigious location while saving money!


Take a look at who is going to be at the conference. If you see any prospective clients, send them a postcard before the event letting them know that you are going to be at that event too and inviting them to your booth. (Don’t forget to include a booth number and your website information.)


shutterstock_1599629782Once you are at the conference, you want to network and generate as many high-quality leads as possible. You can do this in a number of ways. Consider having a fishbowl, like in the image to the right, on your booth with a raffle that businesses or individuals can drop business cards into to win a prize. You could have an exclusive sale or deal that is only available to people at the event! These are just some of the many ways that you can generate leads besides just using your standard “Are You Interested? Fill Out This Form” sign-up sheet.


No matter how you choose to get your leads, make sure that you follow-up with them as soon as possible after the trade show is over. Whether this is by sending a postcard to their work address or just a simple email, it is important to preserve the relationship that you built during the event. A postcard is a great way to offer them some extra savings or remind them of the promotion that you offered during the event. For more information on postcard printing, click here.


As A Participant

If you are attending a conference as a guest or audience member, there is still some preparation that you should do before you arrive. First you are going to want to update your website and social media. Include all of your latest, important projects to give the best digital first impression of your services.


Card06Next, you should order some business cards. Click here for business card printing services. Business cards may seem out-of-date, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, business cards are still an important staple of networking during events.


Finally, you should look at what businesses are going to be attending the convention and schedule any appointments or meetings ahead of time. This will be important so that you can meet with whoever you need to before their schedule fills up.


While you are at the event, socialize! Mingle with other individuals and stop by all of the booths. Give your business cards away to whoever seems interested and take information from booths that you are interested in. Lots of booths are going to provide some promotional materials that they will be giving away for free during the event; this can be a great indicator of the company’s trustworthiness. If a business has a brochure that has fuzzy photos or poorly designed layout, you may gain some valuable information from that. On the other hand, well-done print materials can give you important information about a business and what services they can offer to you.


After the event, follow up with anyone notable that you connected with. Whether that is just sending an email thanking them for their time and reiterating how you could be a benefit to them, they will appreciate the follow-through. If you want to step it up a little, you could send a custom greeting card or postcard to their business address to thank them. Click here for information on greeting card printing services.



Printing Trade Show & Conference Print Marketing Materials with PrintingCenterUSA

No matter what you are choosing to print with PrintingCenterUSA, whether it’s catalogs, business cards, postcards, or greeting cards, you are sure to get a quality product every time. We have been in business for over 50 years, have thousands of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, and a certified A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Not only that, but we offer lots of FREE tools to make your printing process fast, easy, and affordable. We offer free downloadable templates and online design tools, a 24/7 help center, and lots of free resources in our blog. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to give us a call at (800) 995-1555 or send us an email at support@printingcenterusa.com.

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