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August 28, 2015

Haunted Hooters - Breast Cancer Survivors 2015 Calendar

haunted_hooters_2There are a lot of great non-profits today that are dedicated to helping people. Today I wanted to showcase the Haunted Hooters Foundation and talk about their annual calendar fundraising project, the Breast Cancer Survivors Calendar. Their mission is to raise money to support breast cancer patients receiving treatment at the CR Wood Center in Glens Falls Hospital.

“There are many organizations that are working on a cure, but we want to make an impact in our community now.”

I reached out to Jade Ball, President and Founder of the organization, and asked her how they go about their calendar fundraising project. First they reach out to local businesses who are willing to purchase advertising space in the calendar. Each ad sells for $100 and the money goes towards purchasing the wardrobes that they use for the photoshoot.haunted_hooters_1_-_Copy

Then, they hold a boudoir themed photoshoot to get the pictures that they will use in the calendar design. When I asked her how they had decided on the layout and theme for the calendar and she replied, “We decided to do our photos in a boudoir style because we hope to bring confidence back into our models. A lot of the women have undergone surgery relating to their cancer, and most of them lose their confidence. We get to see these women regain their confidence and it is really amazing. Our photographer actually designs the calendar for us. We figure she's the creative one, so we let her take control of the layout and design every year.”

breast-cancer-survivor_open.pngThis calendar project is one of their biggest fundraisers but it does more than just raise money for them. “Not only do we get to give this special gift of confidence to our models, but they are in turn doing current patients a favor by volunteering to model. If it weren't for them, our calendar wouldn't mean as much as it does. We really do get to work with some amazing people every year.”

Finally, I asked Jade if there was anything that they would have done differently in the design or creation of the calendar and she said, “One thing we failed to do the first year was to include holidays (duh!), so we made sure to have those in our 2015 calendar. I'm not sure if we'll need to make many improvements for our 2016 calendar. This year's calendar [2015] came out absolutely beautiful and was a huge success in sales.”

Be sure to visit their Facebook Page for more information about their organization and how you can get involved!

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