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April 21, 2016

Pageant Event Magazines: Case Study

Gwen Nanna owns the Tampa Modeling Institute where she teaches her students skills like posing and runway walking. Her students will often participate in beauty pageants hosted by other organizations and she decided that she wanted to have a pageant of her own to help all of her students get some additional experience. For this pageant she printed an Event Magazine (also known as a Pageant Program) to help enhance the experience.


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Since Gwen is all about the experience, her priority in the design work was to make sure that the models were the focus. She had their pictures taken professionally so the images were high resolution. This ensured that when the program was printed the pictures didn’t turn out fuzzy or pixelated looking. Gwen used one main color, magenta, throughout the design which helped created a consistent look for the program. This is important because if you use too many different colors in a design it can be overwhelming or distracting for the readers. It also helped the models stand out in the program. This was vital because Gwen wanted them to be the focus of the event.

The layout of the event magazine is pretty standard. It has a Message from the Director, Meet the Judges, Schedule of Events and information about the contestants. One aspect that I really liked about the contestant pages was that Gwen included a large, full page photo and description of the winner of the previous year. It provides one last hurrah for the previous winners and it generates excitement during the competition.

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For someone considering a printing project Gwen recommends working with a graphic designer. While she did the design work for this program, figuring out the layout and the colors to use, she had a professional graphic designer set up the print-ready files. In the past her programs have been black and white but Gwen really wanted to take this project to the next level. Working with a professional designer can have a big impact on the final product.

Gwen charges for the ad space in the magazine to help pay for the printing cost. She charges:

$150 for a full page

$70 for a half page

$45 for a quarter page

$20 for a business card or logo

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At the event she gives away the programs to participants and the audience members. This program was very well received. Everyone loved the color printing and the design. Many of the girls kept a copy as a memento of the event. They also wanted to show it to their extended family and friends. It makes sense, seeing yourself in a professionally printed, full color pageant program is exciting and I would want to show off too!

Gwen is planning her next pageant already and plans to print another full color event magazine to go with it. She hopes to get more entries to her next pageant and increase the page count of the program.  This program was a huge success and it helped provide the “pageant experience” that she wanted the girls to have. Many of them will keep the program for years to come.

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