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Matt Fey
June 16, 2021

Get Educated ... How Higher Education Institutions Can Use Print Materials To Market, Inform and Grow

As a university or college administrator, marketer, alumni specialist or whatever your job title may be, having a trusted printing partner can be crucial to many departments.  Whether you’re looking to print a course catalog, new student orientation booklets, printed books, booklets, programs, etc., having a printing partner will certainly help your college or university succeed.


In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful print materials and specific products you might want to consider for your next job.


Course Catalogs 

Catalogs have an objective of selling products or services, and when it comes to course catalogs for your university you should be selling what the student will learn during the semester or quarter.  


A catalog for an undergraduate or graduate program can provide insights for the student into what they should expect for the class and credits.  Whether you’re a professor, dean or head of department producing a helpful catalog will keep your students informed. If you’re printing short run or bulk orders, you’re catalog is in safe hands with us!


Online Design Tool


Student Magazines

Building a strong community for your school often starts with having a marked presence across the campus.  One way to accomplish this goal is an elegant and resourceful student magazine!  


Imagine a durable perfect bound or saddle stitch magazine with rich imagery portraying campus life, resources, and stories for each semester or quarter.  Sounds classy and useful, doesn’t it? Having a department magazine or campus magazine written and contributed to by students can elevate the appearance of your university to the masses.



Our UV coating option will help you magazine stand the test of the great outdoors which means placing your student magazine outside in hotspots won’t be a problem.  


Instant Photo Book Pricing: Learn More

Instant Catalog Pricing: Learn More


Alumni + Booster Calendars

Just as it’s important to stay connected to your current students, it can be extremely beneficial to consistently stay in touch with past students and alumni.  One of the most cost-effective and highly efficient methods of doing this is with yearly calendars branded with your university’s colors!


With a custom calendar, as an alumni director, you can provide significant dates throughout the year to be consistently top of mind.  Such events to include in your calendar might be:

  • Sporting Events
  • Homecoming
  • Theatre Shows
  • Special Speaking Engagements
  • Holidays
  • Facts about the School

Not only are high-quality, saddle stitch calendars effective, they are also highly affordable.  As someone printing an alumni calendar, consider having sponsorship's that pay to advertise in the calendar.  This is an excellent choice if your alumni department is on a tight budget.  


Considering alumni provide the bulk of endowments, you should be constantly reminding them of the school they attended with a custom calendar! 


Calendar Design Tool


Student Orientation Books, Guides and Booklets

Remember what it was like being a freshman on campus and being a little confused with the locations of buildings or departments?  How nice would it be to have a trusty handbook or guide to help you with the first few weeks? Printing a student orientation book, say a handy 5.5 x 8.5” would be extremely beneficial.




PrintingCenterUSA’s standard sizes and custom size booklets can help provide valuable information for students, organizations and departments across campus.  A student handbook or guide can serve many uses across the university because of their various page sizing options and capabilities. A student orientation book will often be saddle-stitched which is more economical and can be done with lower page counts.  Learn about affordable booklet printing here!


Instant Booklet Pricing: Learn More


Commencement Programs

What better way to honor college graduates than with a dazzling and long-lasting commencement program that they save as keepsakes for years to come!? Our commencement programs can showcase the student's accomplishments and degrees all while helping the audience follow along with a schedule.


HigherEducation_SS_04 HigherEducation_SS_03


Spotlight and provide thanks to students, professors, speakers, entertainment and other worthy parties.



Marketing your research, club, department or whatever your end goal is can be an easy task when you turn to printed products to get the job done.  Our printed books, booklets, programs and calendars will help get the information you need to display to your audience in the right fashion, at a cost effective price.  Establish your audience, choose a product and design it with our free designer tool.  Let PrintingCenterUSA be your team's printing partner.

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