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Amanda Schauer
May 05, 2021

Draz and the Birth of the Dracard Kingdom by Matthew Quick | Case Study

header-Apr-20-2021-07-10-27-09-PMMatthew Quick recently self-published a comic book called “Draz and the Birth of the Dracard Kingdom”. He had been imagining and creating his own world, inspired by the works of Tolkien for over 10 years. Finally, in 2020, he decided to make his vision a reality and got to work on creating his very first comic book. With help from Cesar Gutierrez, Carlos Nieves, and Junior Paredes for the artwork, he made his imagination come to life.


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Matthew's journey to create his comic book started over 10 years ago. He said that his fiancé finally talked him into putting his vision for this world onto paper. His inspiration and love for world-building came from the works of Tolkien. Matthew said that he “loved how he was able to create his own beautiful world that had its own religion, its own themes, its own everything. This is effectively what I wanted to create, and I’ve sat on this world for 10 years.”


Only problem is that Matthew, self-admittedly, can’t draw at all. But as luck would have it, his friend that helped him create a lot of the game assets for his entertainment company’s first project, Elemental Echoes, had a really good friend that loved to draw comics. So Matthew got in touch with Cesar, the artist, and he decided to create some of the character designs. As soon as Matthew saw the designs for his original characters, he almost started crying and told us “this is beautiful, this is exactly what I want to do.” So Matthew would create storyboards with stick figures that Cesar would then turn into works of art for the comic book.


Once the comic book was written, Matthew found PrintingCenterUSA. He said that he was attracted to working with PrintingCenterUSA because we were more cost-effective, our website was more user-friendly, and we offered more design tools than the competitors. Matthew said that the best part about ordering with us was the customer service he received after he placed his order. Since he had never created a comic book before, he didn’t know what the correct width, length, or size of the book should be. He really appreciated the quick responses and our customer service representatives working with him to make his comic book look amazing.


Once the comic is printed, Matthew isn’t slowing down. His entertainment company, Ence Gaming LLC would ideally love to create a virtual reality world were the player can see all of the historical events that happened in the comic book world. He’s already created some of the assets for the game and is very excited at the prospect of continuing the comic book story in a different medium.


When we asked Matthew what advice he would give someone wanting to start a comic book, he said “The biggest thing that held me back is fear. So if I was going to tell anyone that was getting into this, it would be to lose the fear. The fear is always going to be there… but if you put the fear to the side and power through it, you can really do anything. I mean, I never knew how to make a comic book, let alone a company, and now I have both.”


If you want to learn more about Matthew or his comic book, check out his website.

Click here to see Matthew’s website, Ence Gaming LLC.


Matthew’s order specifications:


Size: 7.06 x 10

Quantity: 100

Pages: 46 Pages (Cover + 42 Inside)

Cover Paper: (4/4) Full Color Both Sides

Inside Ink: (4/4) Full Color Both Sides

Cover Paper: 100# Gloss Cover

Inside Paper: 100# Gloss Text

Cover Finish: UV High Gloss

Binding: Perfect Bound (Long Edge)

Proof: Electronic – PDF

Hole Drilling: No Thank You

Shrink Wrap: Convenient Bundles

Address & Mail: No Thank You


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