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Matt Fey
May 26, 2021

Dedicated Magazine Brings a Hobby to Life


Something Missing...

Dedicated Magazine was created to showcase the community that is scale building. It took more than a year to finally realize David Bayon and Willie Ramirez’s dream of creating a publication around the niche hobby of car modeling and scaling.


So they turned to PrintingCenterUSA to print their first two editions of their brand new magazine.  With more volumes in the works, the team at Dedicated Magazine shared a few thoughts with us on the journey.  


The Community

David had this to say about the demographics that make up the scaling community:


“Most of the hobbyist started as kids and may have taken a break during high school. But, people begin to find their way back to the art in their 30s.”


Creative Storytelling

“There’s magazine’s out there that showcase scaling and modeling but we were more focused on our niche market of low-riders and modern imports,” said David, editor of Dedicated. One glimpse at the magazine and you can see each car’s story unfolding on the page. “The OG guys are the Innovators, but the younger generation is the future of the hobby.”



The Process

It kind of worked out perfectly. “Willy is a talented photographer and I was able to work the layout and design. And we built the magazine from the bottom up.” The content was the easy part with the influx of high-quality models in the community. Outline in hand, Willy and David started work on Volume 1 of Dedicated Magazine.




“Having that tangible asset and being able to walk through tutorials with a physical publication brings the narrative to live, compared to a phone screen.” David sees the high-quality magazine as a collector’s item and something to grow the modeling community. With some experts spending upwards of 4 months and hundreds of dollars on models what better way to cherish those intricacies in each car than a printed copy.



“This magazine is Dedicated to all of you. Builders and creators of the number one hobby.”

-David and Willie

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