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Create a Buzz With Event Flyers

Create a Buzz with Event Flyers!

If you were to stop what you are doing right now and look around your office or other common meeting places you are sure to see at least one flyer. We can’t escape them. Flyers for this, flyers for that, all competing for your attention. That is why flyer printing has been around for so long, even with the advancement of the internet.

What makes flyers so appealing is that they are an easy, fun and cost effective way to advertise your campaign. Flyers can be placed all around town in stores, parks, local hangouts and so much more! This enables startup companies to get in front of hundreds of potential customers daily.

Here at PrintingCenterUSA we specialize in flyer printing. We will print up to 15,000 flyers in three days with three days shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. Printing your flyers in bulk will also you save money. It seems to me flyers are the perfect option for you!

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Education Flyer Printing is Easy and affordable!

Education Flyer Printing

It's that time of the year. Harvest is wrapping up, the air is getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to change and the school bell is about to ring. Excitement is in the air.

Get the school year started off right with promoting all of this years big events. Bake sales, club meetings, pep rallies, and so much more. What better place to post your flyers around than your school. Your audience is sure to take note of your flyer while going to class.

Have students or faculty come up with eye-catching designs to get everyone involved. For example have the photography class take photos and the graphic design club piece the flyer together. You can have the business club hang up the flyers and further promote it.

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Event Flyer Printing is Easy, Affordable, and Fast when you print with us!

Event Flyer Printing

Word of mouth just isn’t enough these days. When promoting an event it is best to have a visual to spark excitement. That is why event flyer printing has proven effective for so long.

Flyers allow prospective customers to feel and see what your event is all about. Having multiple flyers placed around an area reminds viewers multiple times why they should be interested in the event.

One important and often overlooked part of event flyer printing in the design. The design is what pulls viewers in. Host a local contest for designing this year’s big community event and generate awareness and excitement about it.

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Fundraising Flyer Printing Can Raise Awareness and Meet your Goal!

Fundraising Flyer Printing

Now I know that event and fundraising flyers are similar but what sets them apart is ads. Including ads or gaining sponsors to ones event can boost profit as well as benefit both you and the advertiser.

Ask other businesses to sponsor your event in return for free advertising on your flyer. This will benefit both parties involved as having a sponsor will help pay for production costs as well as help pay for the event itself. As far as the advertiser goes, they benefit because of the free advertising on your flyer and the community will take note of their involvement.

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We have a free online design tool, free templates, and professional design help!

Free Online Design Tool

Don’t have design software? Don’t let that stop you! We have a free online design program to help you get started today. Click here to get started using our free online design tool.


Downloadable Templates

Flyer printing is fun and easy, use our free downloadable templates to make sure you get all the file requirements and specs correct the first time. Click here to get your template.


Professional Design Help

If you are feeling in a pinch but still want professional quality flyers for your next event we have just the solution for you. We have organized a team of professional graphic designers to help you with all your flyer needs. Click here to find a designer today.


With flyer printing the possibilities are endless so get started with your order today.