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Taylor Helfrich
August 27, 2020

Color Me Sideways by Tyler Lamph | Case Study

Coloring Book HeaderTyler Lamph recently self published a coloring book of his illustrations called “Color Me Sideways.” He had gotten questions for years on when he would put out a coloring book. As an illustrator working primarily in pen and ink, his art translates extremely well to a coloring activity. Tyler enjoys to add in watercolors and bright colors in addition to pen and ink, but in the case of creating a coloring book for his fans, he left that up to the them!

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There wasn’t a specific layout, theme, or story for his book. Tyler simply compiled as many characters and adventures together to give the user variety and choice on what they wanted to color. The front cover of Tyler’s “Color Me Sideways” activity book is divided down the middle with half of the image colored in and half of it black and white. This gives the user an exciting look at the possibilities and adventures waiting for them inside the booklet.

How to Make a Coloring Book to Sell

“Color Me Sideways” doesn’t merely include illustrations. There are abstract illustrations, cute kittens, monsters, and more! It also includes activities that allow for you to complete the picture yourself. For example, in the Bob Ross image below, you can paint your own picture in the background.

One of Tyler’s main concerns in creating this book was the quality. He went with a thick paper that would allow his customers to use a variety of coloring utensils other than just crayons. He wants everyone to be able to use watercolors, markers, colored pencils, pens, and more! He chose a 70# uncoated text for the inside pages of the booklet, which is a strong paper that gives the user a lot of versatility. For his cover, he used 100# Gloss Cover in order to make the cover design pop. The specs for his order are shown below.

  Size: 8.5 x 11
  Quantity: 100
  Pages: 20 Pages (Cover + 16 Inside)
  Inside Ink: (1/1) Black Front / Black Back
  Cover Ink: (4/4) Full Color Both Sides
  Cover Paper: 100# Gloss Cover
  Inside Paper: 70# Uncoated Text
  Cover Finish: No Thank You
  Binding: Saddle-Stitched (Long Edge)
  Proof: Electronic - PDF
  Hole Drilling: No Thank You
  Shrink Wrap: Convenient Bundles-Free
  Production Time: 4-7 Business Days
  Address & Mail: No Thank You



When we asked Tyler about working with PrintingCenterUSA, he said the team was very responsive in providing any feedback on his proof, answering his questions, confirming the status of the proof approval, and, in his opinion going “above and beyond.”

Working with printingcenterusa: super helpful. Asked a few questions about designing and getting his pdf correct, and PrintingCenterUSA was responsive and helpful. And we’ll do the same for you! If you want to learn more about Tyler or his Coloring Book, check him out on Instagram or his website!

Click Here To See Tyler's Website.


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