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June 30, 2016

Full Color Brochure Design Chaikhana Chai Brochure Case Study

     The goal of the brochure produced by Chaikhana Chai was to be picked up and saved by potential customers. The cover is certainly eye-catching enough to be picked up. The warm browns and natural imagery used in the design is so inviting that I couldn’t help but grab a copy myself to learn more. Reading through the brochure I was impressed because the design is very simple and clean but it contains a wealth of information ranging from the awards the chai has won to the recipes that the chai can be used in. There is a little something for everyone. Dawn Lewis, the founder and owner of Chaikhana Chai, had this in mind when she designed these brochures.


     Dawn wanted to know what would give her customers incentive to save the brochure. She sat down with several customers and simply asked what information they would find helpful, or interesting. Using their responses, she decided to remove information about the history of the company name and instead include information such as the ingredients used in the chai blends. She also included a few recipes so that people would save the brochure and refer back to the recipes later.

     Dawn also wanted the brochure to have multiple uses. She intentionally designed it so that she could take it to tradeshows to attract new vendors, as well as being able to pass it out to her retail customers. One thing she did to accomplish this goal was to print separate inserts with additional information. For example, when she takes it to a tradeshow she inserts a sheet with the wholesale pricing. By using one brochure for a variety of purposes Dawn saves time and money because she only has to design one brochure and have it printed in bulk.

     Dawn used several tricks to complete this project. She has been printing with us for several years and in the past Dawn has used our templates as a guide to setting up her files. This ensures that she has the correct size for the project. She then used one of her own previous brochure designs and updated it with the new information so she didn’t have to design this project from scratch. After all, if you have a product that works, why re-invent the wheel?

     This is one thing that Dawn likes about our website. When she visits our brochure pricing page the “look” might change but the specifications that we offer (like size and paper stock) don’t change. This makes it easy for her to quickly re-order. She uses our recommended paper, 100# gloss text for this project. It has just the right thickness to it (not too thick like cardstock but not flimsy and flopping around) and a nice shine that makes the pictures pop.

     Next time you want to produce a brochure project consider these tips. Ask yourself, “how will I use this brochure?”. Then ask your customers, “what information are you looking for?”. Make sure that the design is inviting and clean. You don’t want to have too much information because it can become overwhelming. By following these tips, you can make your next brochure project a success!

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