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May 01, 2017

Building Relationships Using Personalized Greeting Cards


Personalized cards are a common tradition for both business and personal use. By sending a greeting card, you stay connected with your customers, making them more likely to continue doing business with you. Whether you need a holiday card, a generic greeting card, or a card to extend a discount to your customers, make sure you send it in style!

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"Why a Greeting Card" heading

Finding interesting ways to stay in contact with your customers is a great addition to your marketing efforts. A personalized greeting card with a handwritten hello has a higher chance of being read then other forms of marketing in the mailbox and can also feel less like a sales message and more like a personal note.

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--- Generic, All-Purpose Cards ---


A generic card is one that can be used for any message, discount or occasion. The key in designing these types of cards is to keep it simple; all you will need is your logo or business name on the front cover. This gives you the ability to customize any message by handwriting a note or using a desktop printer for the inside space.

--- Thank You Cards ---


It is always convenient to have thank you cards on hand. Designing one is easy, all you have to do is add “Thank You” to the cover with a font style of your choice and you have a great card.  If you want to make your card more personal, add a picture or special message on the front with thank you on the inside.

--- Holiday Cards ---


Holiday cards are an inexpensive and friendly way thank customers for their business during the holidays. People welcome your holiday wishes and many display holiday cards on mantels, desks, and tables. By using our full color printing, you can make your card stand out from the others. 

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Personalized greeting cards are one of the easiest print pieces to create. By utilizing our online design tool and free templates, creating the perfect card a breeze! If you already have a 5x7” cover designed, all you have to do is upload the file when ordering your greeting cards.

Design Your CardFree Greeting Card Templates

"Quick Tip" imageThe only restriction when designing greeting cards are the U.S. Postal requirements. Make sure your card isn’t too heavy or too big because it could result in extra postal costs.

Be as creative as you want with your greeting cards; let them reflect your company’s style.  Be humorous, professional, or relaxed, no matter what the style - just make your greeting cards represent you!

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