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June 22, 2017

Aspire to Go Higher: Using a Theme to Set Your Coloring Book Apart

Inside pages of "aspire to go higher" coloring book

With the coloring book trend at an all-time high, what can you do to make your coloring book stand apart from the rest? The answer: Pick a theme that resonates with your audience. I spoke with Rhonda Mincey to learn more about her coloring book: Aspire to Go Higher.

Rhonda is the owner of GREAT Success books, a division of the RG Mincey Group, LLC. She told me, “Our focus is to write books that encourage and inspire our readers. We consist of a husband-wife team and have authored books for teens, “A Girl’s Guide to Being Great”, and “A Guy’s Guide to Being Great”.

With these previous successes under their belt, Rhonda wanted to continue with the trend of producing positive content. She wanted to offer girls an escape from growing up too fast and a coloring book seemed like an ideal way to do that.

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She specifically wanted to produce a book that would help them “de-stress their minds, express their creativity and profess positive thoughts”. 

Partially colored example of the coloring book vs. black and white page

She initially planned on creating each page herself but after some trial and error she decided that it would be faster to achieve her vision by hiring a professional graphic designer. She ended up utilizing the services of three designers, two to work on the artwork for the inside pages and one to design the cover. This was a bit of a challenge because she had to find people who could capture the look and feel of what she wanted. I was surprised to hear this because the overall look of the coloring book is very cohesive. I think the reason it all came together so well was because Rhonda drafted each page and worked very closely with the designers to achieve her vision.

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Rhonda found us through an online search and ultimately decided to print with us because she thought that our customer service was superb. She felt like we truly cared about her project and that we wanted to get it done right. Her advice for anyone with a print project is to do your research and get a sample (also known as a hardcopy proof) to ensure that the project is exactly what you want. When she received her hardcopy proof she said that it was “absolutely beautiful with vivid colors [on the covers]”.

The front and back cover of the Aspire to Go Higher coloring book

By sticking to a theme, Rhonda created a coloring book that stands out and resonates with her audience. We have printed coloring books with themes on nutrition, nature and even cats! There are no limitations to the different opportunities for coloring books right now. Rhonda chose to produce an uplifting coloring book designed to uplift and encourage young women, what will your coloring book promote?

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